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When I run it appears that when the headphone cord or sweat hits the screen it causes the volum to automically turn all the way down. How do I either lock the screen or lock the volume? I have already tried resetting the IPOD and it didn't help. Thank-you!

iPod nano
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    If sweat is hitting the screen, you should consider wearing the iPod in a different location.  If sweat drops hit the headphones jack, or the button seams, it can get inside the iPod and probably cause problems.  It's not waterproof (or even water resistant).


    This is a 6th gen nano, and I don't think it has a Hold switch (or setting) like earlier models.  There are some exercise-related settings




    but they are not related to volume.


    There are products that allow you to wear your nano on your wrist (like a watch) or on your arm (armband).  That will get it out of harms way from sweat, and maybe make accessing it during the workout more convenient.