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  • Hugh Level 1 Level 1

    This happened to me only today.  Mild panic ensued. iMac, iPhone, iPad = wiped. Grabbed my laptop killed the wireless and cut and pasted into a document (and then subsequently pasted back). Close run thing. Worrying.


    Notes needs a Trash folder or something.


    Failing that a discrete backup / export option.

  • Geoffa1450 Level 1 Level 1

    When I bought my iPhone 5 , the one thing I said was important to me ,having had the iPhone 4  was the ability to back up notes , everyone from 02 to the Apple store told me I could automatically back it all up through iTunes .

    what a load of rubbish you can't .

    Hopefully ill find myself a phone that does , when I do ill tell you all the one to get .

    Or better still iPhone need to do something about this

  • Owenpooler Level 1 Level 1

    You can use iPhone Backup Extractor to get to the notes in backup and then use SQLite Database Browser to view the text. See my post here:



    If you need more info, I have other posts that explain the process.

  • nfuria Level 1 Level 1

    As Kjell Peterson and others posted some time ago, it's possible to generate a html file of all the records.


    Here are another command line that writes the complete notes, with titles, to a file "notes.html" in the home directory of the user.


    sqlite3 ~/Library/Containers/ 'select znote.ztitle, znotebody.zhtmlstring from znote, znotebody where znotebody.znote=znote.z_pk' > ~/notes.html

    And here another command that generate a complete backup of the sqlite db. In this command it's necessary to use the complete pathname of the file.

    sqlite3 ~/Library/Containers/  '.backup /users/username/notesbackup2a.sqlite'

    Both commands works for Mountain Lion.

    If Apple changes the default location of Notes files...

  • dancetoday07 Level 1 Level 1

    For some of us that don't know html or know what sQLite is, this doesn't sound very usable.  Until Apple adds something more functional, I'm just saving the important ones in Evernote. 

  • Jay Gamel Level 1 Level 1

    I'm with Dancetoday,


    Notes is obviously not ready to be used by the average mac user if it cannot be backed up and simply retrieved by Time Machine. It is unacceptable to have to go through the contortions suggested in this thread to retrieve a simple text note blasted out of existence by the insane execution of "cloud" technology that wipes everything in seconds off multiple devices. Given the nature of the cloud execution, having an easily retrievable backup in TM is ABSOLUTELY required.


    I'm off Notes after trying to use it for the last two months. I liked the front end, but the execution is puerile.


    PS: when I tried to reveal hidden files in TM, they were all grayed out and inaccessable. I have lost important information with a keystroke that should be recoverable. I expect more from Apple in useful applications. That is their stock in trade. At least, it was.


    Jay Gamel

  • gmario Level 1 Level 1

    The previous Apple recommended method of backing up your Notes -

    that is decribed in has been changed to:


    Copying notes

    Open the Notes app at Copy the text of each note and paste it into a document on your computer, such as a Pages or TextEdit document. Save the document to your computer.


    Thanks Apple.


    Has there been any upgrade to the Notes mac App with Mavericks?

  • Jay Gamel Level 1 Level 1

    At the end of the day, you can make a new text document (TexEdit is great) or word processor doc for every "note" and file it in a folder: view by date created. use spotlight to search the folder. voila! a set of notes instantly searchable arranged by date, name or what you want, and they are ALWAYS backed up by time machine and easily retrievable. You can even see content instantly with the finder viewer. Using a sophisticated text editor like bbedit, texedit, etc. you can even place pictures, screen shots, urls, etc. in the 'note'.


    You can tag for a "smart" folder.


    You can even color up the folder background if you want to pretend it's an app.

  • Roman1 Level 1 Level 1

    First thing I did after installing Mavericks the day it came out was head to Notes and try something very, very Mac-like. Something that as far as I know Apple came up with decades ago and something that just plain makes sense in terms of usability. It even works across many Windows programs and most Office applications. Even Outlook will let you do it:


    Drag and drop several marked notes on to desktop.




    Drag and drop a single note on to the desktop.


    Not possible. Wow. Wouldn't that be a nice way to "export" your notes for backup purposes?

  • Chacapamac Level 1 Level 1

    This is kind of sad, I use Note to store everything, precise information, urls, everythings — I dont want nothing that synchronize mistake, I want to simply do a physical backup in a point of time.


    When you work in Note it is really easy to, without knowing, cut or replace information that become lost and be transfered as is to TM or whatever other backup system.


    You endup with lost information.


    Mac is loosing is way, this is a no brainer, any debutant in interface design and User experience will find that Note NEED to be able to import export it’s content. This is what Note is, a tool to manage a lot of information.


    If you loose that information by a simple mistake with the keyboard or else without being able to reimport a trusted copy. The tools become useless.


    Please Mac, wake-up !  


    Same type of crap with the lost custom Icons in the Finder Windows. Mac is the inventor of the icons !.


    Now, because a genious designer decide that all gray is good, each single time I go to the Finder window, I have to overlook that I’m at the right place.


    Hey Apple designer, think at what a custom icon is good for???????


    By the way, if you want to hire me to help, go ahead... 25 years exp in Design. 

  • jparziale Level 1 Level 1



    Here is the location for 10.6 (snow leopard) and maybe below (10.5 10.4 etc)


    Kind:  Mail Mailbox

    Size:  2.8 MB on disk (2,079,374 bytes) for 286 items

    Where:  /Users/(*user name)/Library/Mail/Mailboxes/Notes.mbox




    For those with 10.6 or similar older OS's, my question has always been, where did notes (which is inside apple mail on the computer) save it's data on your hard drive?


    Ok.. for a long time I tried the new way to find the answer: looking on the web... finally, I did it the old fashoned way before the internet... I made a new test note and then started looking at the finder for what was most recent..


    And finally... here is where it's stored:

    I can't tell you how much of my writing I may have lost. The notes just tend to disappear... maybe since icloud debaucle which i no longer use... but still happens. and I'm almost certain it's not the boy erasing them anymore.


    I made a backup folder on my hard drive, and put an alias of this folder to find it easier next time. But even that could go down so I'm thinking if it's crucial... to email the entire folder by compressing it first.


    Thanks for nothing internet.. LOL.  Want a solution? make it yourself.

  • Chacapamac Level 1 Level 1

    Saddly, didn’t seem to be the same for Mountain Lion... Crap.


    Apple proved again that they really take the time before imposing stupid interface (like the grayish finder window) and half bake programs.


    I wonder if somebody at Apple even ask himself for what purpose people using Notes before putting it together ????


    Did You?


    Notes is uses to take Notes, YESSSSS!

    Important notes that we want to store and consult easily. Notes is working, but if you cannot make a decent backup of those precious notes, as is, in a point of time, this become useless. You need to be able to export and import the totality or part of your notes at any time.


    It is really easy to overwrite a note and loose that particular peice of precious information. Reverting it with TM will also kill many of your newer notes — Don’t even know if TM work with Notes?

  • ixber Level 1 Level 1

    2 posts by William LLoyd on january, 20 , 1 post by Jaswas on march 03 , and 1 post of Stephen Sparks on march 21 solve everything :

    they indicate where are the files and how to reach them.


    I just copy these files to save them. I also have timemachine backup and can get back the files through it.


    What else ?

  • apple.gaurav Level 1 Level 1

    I am finally able to sync my old notes which were "on the phone" to the gmail account. It had been a complete waste of time to move them to icould or gmail account. Here are the steps:


    0. Before you start, go to your gmail account and create a new label "iPhone Notes", which we will use to temporarily move all the notes to.

    1. Go to you $HOME/Library/Mail/V2/Mailboxes/Notes.mbox on your Mac

    2. This is the place where all the notes are synched which were "On the iPhone"

    3. Search for all the .emlx files under this folder. Each file represents a note you created "on the phone".

    4. Open all of them by hitting command+down arrow, they will all open in Mail

    5. Now you should be able to see your Iphone Notes folder under gmail account if that is setup on your Mail client on Mac

    6. Go to Message -> Move To -> IPhone Notes folder which you created on gmail and move the message to gmail

    7. For all the messages just press option+command+T, which will keep repeating the same move to for all the messages

    8. Now you have all the locally stored notes to Gmail

    9. Now open gmail account and click on iPhone Notes folder or label

    10. Now move all the messages to notes folder or label within gmail

    11. You are done, this is the folder which stores all the notes in gmail.


    Now you should be able to access it from anywhere.


    Hope this saves your time.

  • nassukka Level 1 Level 1

    maybe some day theres simple way to undelete notes...or rollback