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One of my main concerns with iCloud syncing is it is just that, it just keeps your devices in sync. It is not a good backup since for the most part it is one copy with no incremental backup. Delete a Note or a Contact on the iPhone and it is deleted it from everything else linked up to iCloud. Worst case scenario you delete them all and they're gone.


In Lion even though everything was syncing through iCloud Time Machine kept a good back up you could recover accidentally deleted items. I see I can still open Contacts then enter Time Machine for recovery. Notes used to be recoverable by entering Time Machine with Mail in the foreground. I see now opening Time Machine with the Reminders, iCal or Notes app in the foreground will only open a finder window in Time Machine. I'm sure these are backed up on the folder level and Apple is working on these issues with later updates.


How can I ensure I have a safe local backup of my iCal, Notes and Reminders in Time Machine? Is there a way to recover 1 note rather than the whole account?

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