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I dropped my phone and it landed on the bottom where the USB port is. The phone still works and the screen still works but the portion that lights up the screen doesn't. Could it be the digitizer that's broken, or another part of the phone?

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    I do not have Apple care.

  • tonefox Level 6 (9,160 points)

    The iPhone is not considered by Apple to be user servisable. Take it to your nearest Apple Store for evaluation.

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    So you do not have a screen backlight? But the pixels do fire up and display correctly?


    I'd say its something with the digitizer assembly. As Tonefox said, the iPhone is not considered to be user servicable, but maybe they will help you get a diagnosis free of charge.


    At that point, it is very possible to fix it yourself. Look through iFixit.com, they have some amazing guides and parts for sale, everything you would need to fix a 4 or 4S.


    I dropped my phone off of a golfcart, onto a paved surface at 20 MPH. I replaced my front and back glass panels in about 2-3 hours. Stressful, but I spent $80 instead of $400 for a new phone :-)

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    Yes, the pixels do work. I had gotten the phone from a friend, will Apple still look at it even though I didn't buy it myself?

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    Yes they should help you despite the fact you did not buy it.


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