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I just got my new Ipod Shuffle, a Gen 4. I recently had a Gen 2 and with that one, I could simply add songs and if I'd add the same song again, iTunes would give me a warning and a selection of options, including ignore and add (something like that, my iTunes is in dutch). I'd select the option add and it would add the song a second time. I can't do this with my new Shuffle. When I drag songs to my Ipod and I try to add the same songs again, it doesn't. Why is that? Is this not possible with the Gen 4? Is it only possible when I place them in a playlist and add that to the Ipod?


I've looked around for an answer and did find someone who had the same problem, but that question got an unrelated answer.


Please help.

iPod shuffle, Windows Vista
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    The 1st and 2nd gen shuffle acts like a simple playlist.  The 3rd and 4th gen shuffle is more like the "bigger" iPods.  You can place a song more than once on a playlist, and a song can be on multiple playlists, but the song file itself is only stored once on the iPod.


    However, the 3rd and 4th gen shuffle CAN use playlists.  You can add a playlist manually, or by using automatic syncing.  So instead of playing songs on the shuffle from the All Songs list, you can play songs from a playlist that is on the shuffle.  You can place a song as many times as you want on the playlist.  You switch between playlists on the shuffle by using the VoiceOver button (press and hold).  This article has more information about using VoiceOver on the shuffle



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    Thank you so much for that very clear answer. At first I thought it was so much extra work, but after playing around with it a bit, I realise you have so much more control. I kinda like this better. Guess I should try before I "cry", .