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Want to tranfer pictures from iPad to PC. Normally when you connect it, a Windows prompt appears asking if you want to transfer media. (Win7).


But Autoplay is not working in my PC although already enabled it through Control Panel. (Windows 7).


Rebooted the laptop also and disabled /re-enabled Autoplay few times but Autoplay still not working.


Thanks for help.



iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1
  • HereIsTom Level 4 (1,475 points)

    Go on your PC to Computer and there you will see your iPad as an external drive, open it to find the folders with photos.


    You can also try a reset of the iPad when connected to your computer to see if it will be recognized; Keep the Powerbutton and the Homebutton pressed at the same time until you see the Apple logo on your iPad screen.

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    Thanks for the reply.


    1) The iPad does not appear as an external drive. (This setting can be enabled from where you set Autoplay in the Control Panel, but as I mentioned, no setting from the Control Panel is being affected). Any advice or tips?


    2) Will reset of iPad erase my data which I am trying to copy (pictures)?



  • HereIsTom Level 4 (1,475 points)

    No that reset will not erase any data, so you can try that several times.

  • Texas Mac Man Level 8 (46,565 points)

    Importing Personal Photos and videos from your iOS device to your computer.


     Cheers, Tom

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    Dear Tom.


    Thanks for your response.


    However, if you note, the link that you posted is already given by me in my initial post at top.


    My question is that when I change settings from the Control Panel as instructed in the link, nothing happens and there is no device detection by windows. Altho my iPad is connected Ok throuh iTunes.


    I hope u know my problem now.



  • King_Penguin Level 10 (120,044 points)

    How did the photos get onto the iPad i.e. were they taken with it, copied to it via the camera connection kit or saved from emails/websites, or were they originally synced from a computer ? If they were originally synced from a computer then they won't appear in windows explorer - you will need to find a third-party iPad app (e.g. Simple Transfer) which can copy them off via your wifi network, but as photos are 'optimised' when they are synced to a device, any that you copy back may not be exactly the same as they originally were on your computer.

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    Thank you for helping in.


    All the photos are saved from websites. Nothing else.


    Waiting for your further advice please.



  • amershiraz Level 1 (0 points)



    Could you please give some advice in the scenario?


    As I mentioned to your question, all the photos are saved from websites only.




  • HereIsTom Level 4 (1,475 points)

    If your computer doesn't see the iPad there is another way to transfer photos.

    I use Dropbox, with free Dropbox you can transfer and share files like photos and documents from and to your computer and iPad.


    All you should have is an Internet access via Wi-fi or 3G. Dropbox will grant you 2 GB free space to copy your images such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, RAW, BMP and others.

    Dropbox for iPad



    First create here a Dropbox account, install Dropbox on your computer and then install Dropbox App on your iPad.


    THen you can open the Dropbox App on your iPad, go to uploads left below, choose + left up, choose Camera Roll, below choose create a folder, then tap all photos you want to transfer.

    Uploading the photos can take some time, after uploading you can find the folder with photos in the Dropbox program on your computer, copy them to a folder on your computer.

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    Dear Tom Herels.


    I have about 72,000 photos to transfer; total size above 30 GB.


    Therefore am looking to transfer through a cable to my computer.


    My iPad space is being diminished fast.


    Please help out.




  • HereIsTom Level 4 (1,475 points)

    Ok, that's a lot of photos you have to transfer


    Try this;

  • tipperjames Level 1 (0 points)

    You can also transfer images from your iPad to a Mac or PC wirelessly using Photo Stream as part of an iCloud subscription.

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    Nope...those is how you do it...  Open "computer" from your windows start button. Under "portable devices" , locate your iPad,iPod etc.... RIGHT CLICK on the device icon and select "Import pictures and videos" ... Done.

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    hi i have the same problem after update ios 6.0.1 my computer no reconize my ipad and ui cant transfer my pictures y try all and nothing

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