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I've been using my iMacs for a few years to monitor six ip Camera video feeds.  The cameras I use are both FOSCAM and AXIS brands.  I've used a few third party software solutions to do the monitoring, but I could also always use Safari to access a camera at a time by putting that camera's IP address in the address field and logging into the camera. 


After upgrading to Mountain Lion, my video feeds started timing out when using DComplex's IP Camera Viewer, so I thought initially it was strictly an issue with that third party app.  However, I then logged into my cameras using Safari and they timed out as well.  Similarly, when using Axis Camera viewer, my video feeds would time out.  It seems as whatever the issue, it does not affect Firefox, because I can still login and monitor 1 feed at a time using that browser without any timeout issues, and for some odd reason, the FOSCAM only program uFoscam works, but the problem for me with that app is that it only works with Foscam, and not the Axis cameras (besides it's an inferior program to IP Camera Viewer in my opinion as well).


Has anyone encountered this problem and come up with a solution?  I'm thinking it's some sort of plugin or video codec problem, but it's well above my paygrade to figure it out.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4)
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