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I started installing Mountain Lion and got the warning about missing features.  I decided to install ML anyway knowing I would be missing the features mentioned at apple.com/support/no-recovery, but after the restart about 5 minutes into the install - I received an error that ML could not be installed at all.  I was directed to back to this page apple.com/support/no-recovery from the install app . . . am I to assume that I have no other choice but to wipe my HD and start over?  Yikes!


Some background . . . I did not partition my HD.  My original HD was recalled 4 months after I purchased my Mac (Seagate issue?) and the Apple Store swapped out the old drive for a new one.  I haven't touched the internal HD via Disk Utility at all.  I'm just not that savy a user.


A snapshot of my disk utility for the HD is included . . . any suggestions?  Any way to avoid spending an entire day erasing HD . . . going from Leopard to Lion to Mountain Lion and then restoring ALL my photos, docs, music, etc. 


Fingers-crossed . . .


Disk Utility.jpg

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