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In Safari 5 for Lion, you could drag the edges of a full screen window in to ad a margin on the side. This feature was helpful for basic websites that wrapped text using the window edge as a text border, as you could condense the text into the middle of the page. Is there any way to resurrect this feature in Safari 6 for Mountain Lion, or has it been completely dropped?

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    I'm already seriously missing this, especially on sites like Wikipedia, to name one, and many others that are largely text based with poor formating.


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    I also miss this feature.  It was really nice when you wanted to hid out distracting adds on the edge of the web page.  I didn't need to use it all the time, but it was still nice to have some freedom and adjustability in the webbrowser.  Now I have to use the Reader function if I want to be able to focus on the text, but for some reason Reader doesn't work for every website, so ya, still missing the adjustable margins.