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My cursor started acting erratically - opened files when hovering, selects text while I'm typing (especially in search boxes, FaceBook) then deletes on the next keystroke, jumping erratically.

Using the MacBook was almost impossible.

Problems occurred when using both Bluetooth Mouse and the trackpad (I rarely use the trackpad).


I looked up various forums and followed several suggestions including re-install Snow Leopard.

None worked.

During the intstallation, MacBook crashed.


Took to Mac reseller store for repair by a Mac trained(?) tech.

Tech reported that: pram, nvram and smc reset not successful (I don't know what those things are.)

and says that it may be a bulging battery or the trackpad needs replacing.

And he cannot determine without removing the battery (is waiting on tools to do so).

Tech estimates trackpad replacement and labour (if that is the cause) $200 - $250.


I set the OS to disable the trackpad when an external mouse is being used.

There is some improvement - but still arbitrarily opens some files and selects some text without my clicking to do so.


Has anyone had this experience and found a solution?

Does anyone know if the tech's comments are reasonable?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)