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  • Leigh Mackay Level 1 Level 1

    Tried all suggested steps to resolve the issue. No success.


    Calendar in devices rendered useless by this "upgrade".


    This is what comes from someone deciding that their work stream method (everything to iCloud in this case) works for everyone. Don't want your data on iCloud. Good luck working around that.


    I've been a devoted Apple user since 1989. Used to be among the first to upgrade the OS shortly after release. Was hesitant with Mountain Lion. This is the first time I've upgraded an Apple OS and regreted it. iCloud is forced on the user right out of the box and if you don't wish to go that route, you've got some strategic work ahead of you to keep your data in your computer. In the case of Calendar, good luck with that. I've witnessed iCal go from highly functional with a totally useable presentation to beautiful to look at but not very functional.


    As someone who works with both Windows and Mac all day; everyday, I'll say that MS's Outlook calendar trumps the new and improved Calendar at every turn. It just works.

  • Leigh Mackay Level 1 Level 1

    Onyx resolved all issues!


    Calendars in iMac sync with iPad

    iTunes now sees the iPod Classic


    Along the way, Newstand stopped crashing and is functioning again.


    May all continue to do so.




  • Leigh Mackay Level 1 Level 1

    Onyx only resolved content not getting to iPad. But not all data would sync.


    Noticed that it was events with "show as" optioned to "busy" that were not syncing.




    1. Perform a live, month-by-month comparision between Calendar on iMac and iPad Calendar.
    2. Where an event wasn't reflected in iPad, use event Inspector in iMac app to modify "show as" to "Free".
    3. Choose "All Future Events" and click okay.
    4. Click "Sync" in iTunes.
    5. With iPad calendar open, missing events should appear after following above procedure.


    Worked for me.



  • dags42 Level 1 Level 1


    I tried your suggestion but in my itunes-iphone "info" page, it doens't give me the option to click anything because everything is being synched over the air. Any suggestion now that I deleted my "Calendar Cache" and "Email Cache.plist"?


  • Raul Felippe Level 1 Level 1



    It's to do with the Default Alarm setting. There is a bug that does not allow "Alert" to be set to "None".


    To temporarily solve this bug, set the default alarm for that account to anything other than "None". And also, don't change alert setting of any existing event to None.

  • Andyht Level 1 Level 1

    OK, so now we've made the jump to Mavericks (and as we've leapfrogged Mountain Lion from Lion), we find iCal and Reminders are, for some unknown reason now two separate Apps - is there a way of merging these back together using a CalDav iCloud feed?

  • DLMS Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same problem, and I tried everything to fix the refusal to sync, but the steps by diftong did the trick.  thank you!

  • Leigh Mackay Level 1 Level 1

    I tried that the suggestions from diftong too but no change:


    Outlook will not sync with Address Book within the iMac


    Therefore, Address Book has nothing to sync with devices. Address book in devices is up to date prior to the installation of Mountain Lion. Since then it has been broken. Used to work but not anymore.


    What no long syncs:



    Address Book



    If you choose not to go the iCloud path, data will not make the jump from computer to devices via the USB cable that came with the device. It used to but not anymore. The way the tecnology is heading, computers will not have on-board hard drives. You'll send all your data to the Cloud. Just wait until that system gets compromised and it will.


    I can't believe that people are willing to give their personal data to Apple. It becomes their data and you only have access to it. All your contacts, your schedules and appointments, your personnal journals, banking information, etc.


    Till this is resolved, no more Apple devises for me. I will not surrender my data to a large corporation based in a foreign country where Federal security policy is beyond my control.

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