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As I am a phtographer and always like to use my photos divided by events in iphoto as a random photo screensaver I checked the new screensaver in Mountain Lion.

And I have no bloody idea how to choose more albums from iphoto for screensaver purposes? I was trying to click more of them, but it is not possible.

I can either choose complete iphoto catalog (which I don't want to use complete) or I can choose one event only. Why is that? How to choose more events?

I was trying to click on them with Shift, Option or Command key and nothing. I wasn't enable to mark more than one event!


I also miss very nice screensaver that was in both previous versions: Snow Leopard and in Mac OS Lion with photos being thrown on the desktop randomly.

It is not present in Mountain Lion though....


If anybody knows or managed to choose more events (albums) from iphoto to use with any of the new type screesavers, please let me know.

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion
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