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  • alfredo87 Level 1 Level 1

    my iMac is also on WiFi and that goes down at every sleep period: so,it is impossible to download large files without loosing connection.

    Apple do something about it please...


    I've lost count of the number of days that I have been waiting for a solution: none of the tricks on this forum worked so far!!

    Thanks to all of you for keeping it going: we can have a party once a solution is available!!!

  • Eric Root Level 9 Level 9
    Mac OS X
  • loïcfernandezcastrillon Level 1 Level 1

    Hello everyone, finally, I say finally because I've tried and tried many many stuff to fix this **** boring issue. And after many tests on different iMacs, I finally have one solution that should for all of you.


    I'll tell you what I did on my iMac and on my friend's iMac, and now they both wake up when we use a remote app like team viewer/screens... I made some tests, even after 12 or 24 of sleep, the iMac still wakes up when I use my VNC app from my iPhone or "Back to my Mac" from my MacBook Pro.


    If you want to try :

    1. Repair disc permissions 1st, to make sure everything's fine on your Mac. If you see that some permissions have been repaired, launch another repair until the list of permissions repaired is empty.

    2. Open terminal and copy paste that: sudo periodic daily weekly monthly

    Then copy paste that: sudo dscacheutil -flushcache.

    3. Turn off your Mac.

    4. Start your Mac while holding the left shift key until you see a progress bar

    5. Then reset the PRAM

    6. You're good!


    I made that on both iMacs and now they work like a charm. I guess the 2 command in terminal solved the issue, because I made the other steps without success before.


    Hope it will work for you.

  • Angel-i Level 1 Level 1

    I'm willing to try anything that is suggested.

    However, can you clarify the line:

    "sudo periodic daily weekly monthly"


    I'm not familiar with this command.

    Do we write it exactly as you have written in terminal, or are we choosing between daily, weekly, or monthly?

  • loïcfernandezcastrillon Level 1 Level 1

    sudo periodic daily weekly monthly will launch your maintenance scripts


    With this command the daily ones, weekly ones and monthly ones will be launched at the same time.

    If you want you can type one at a time:


    sudo periodic daily

    sudo periodic weekly

    sudo periodic monthly


    But it's faster with just one command

  • loïcfernandezcastrillon Level 1 Level 1

    Follow all the steps, after the RESET of PRAM, wait until the desktop is fully loaded, then turn off your computer and start it again, to make sure, it's a pure clean start...

  • loïcfernandezcastrillon Level 1 Level 1

    Did it solve it for you?

  • murrayE Level 1 Level 1

    loïcfernandezcastrillon wrote:


    Follow all the steps, after the RESET of PRAM, wait until the desktop is fully loaded, then turn off your computer and start it again, to make sure, it's a pure clean start...

    Just what settings stored in PRAM do you think are relevant to this problem? Or is what is recommended just another of actions that happened to fix the Ethernet-disconnect after wake-from-sleep problem. (I've seen all to many "solutions" that aren't solutions at all -- at least not permanent solutions and not for everybody experiencing the problem.)


    Note that I am not discussing here any issues with Wi-Fi or any issues of connecting remotely over Ethernet to one's Mac.

  • Angel-i Level 1 Level 1

    I truly wish that it did fix my problem, but it didn't.

    Within 1 minute of sleeping, my 15" retina MacBook disappears from my network and wont show up on FindMyMac, and can't be pinged or WOL.  Ethernet or WiFi

    As well, PowerNap features dont work.


    The only problem I had in implementing your instructions was that as soon as I saw the progress bar for the Safe Boot, you said to reset the PRAM.  So I hit Command-Alt-P-R, but there was no discernable effect, so after Safe Boot loaded, I shut down the machine, and did a proper PRAM reset.  How did you do a PRAM reset while Safe Booting?


    Anyway, I will keep working on this.  I have had Apple Care send this issue all the way to Corporate Engineering.  They said they couldnt reproduce the problem, and that I should get my logic board replaced.

    It appears that enough people have this problem (including some that developed it only after an upgrade to ML) that I am convinced it is software and not hardware.  Last thing I need is for the worlds least repairable computer to be opened up, just to prove to Apple that they have a software bug.  Their "solution" is will be absolute last resort. 

  • loïcfernandezcastrillon Level 1 Level 1

    When your MacBook Pro is asleep, do you havé the screen open and it is plugged with the power cable?

  • Angel-i Level 1 Level 1

    Screen open and plugged in to power.

    However problem exists both on battery and power cable.

  • bsu1960 Level 1 Level 1

    I would like to interject and say that I also agree this is a SOFTWARE ISSUE as when I was using Lion it was just fine- but mountain lion is a huge headache and makes my computer practically useless just signing in to the conversation took ten minutes and a restart as it had disconnected for the millionth time I just restart it everytime I am done and I can really only check email on my MBP for any financial transactions I have to use my 8 year old windows XP machine which is really saying something. at least that darn thing will finish a transaction on paypal.

    That said I applaude your ability to get the problem sent to Corporate Engineering and I would like to propose to Corporate Engineering that since they seem unable to recreate this issue that I would HAPPILY LOAN THEM my MBP and my Airport Extreme so that they can see it first hand- I would even Pay Postage or Take it to the Local Apple Store so that they can finally get to the bottom of this because it really needs to be addressed- I could have bought 2 windows PC's for what I paid for my MBP thinking I was getting the top tier OS and best built computer in the world and now ever since JULY I have had a beautiful aluminum paperweight thats practically useless except for 10 to 30 min spurts and GOD forbid you open to many panes up in safari that just hastens the disconnect.

    and under no cicumstances can you do any transactions as it simply cannot connect during the sending and recieving of data - like I said it disconnected when i tried to sign in to Apple Support Communities.

    It was fine and now it is not and I have tried without success all of these bandaids and feel that it really is beyond my capability to do this last fix that was put forth in this thread and I just Pray my 8 year old windows xp holds up until a fix is ISSUED by APPLE.

    they can have my MBP on loan and keep it for as long as they like, if it will help everyone who is having this problem to give apple a chance to clear this up and to reagain their status as the worlds best.

  • kevinwschafer Level 1 Level 1

    Since this is still an issue, and I have been getting updates from all about this, I feel I need to also chime in.  I have bailed on the Ethernet and switched back to wifi.  I have NOT had a network connection drop since then.  I also now have added another mac to the house (2012 mac mini).  That mac has not had any issues with the wifi, very stable network connection.  I too have tried all with minimal success when using my iMac on Ethernet.  I think the best solution, not the ultimate fix, was to disable the "mac sleep" in power management.  Most of these "tricks" that people have listed throughout the thread seem to stem back to not letting the mac sleep.  As stated in one of my earlier posts, I found a blog from some programmers complaining about this back earlier this year (2012).  I hope that the fix coming shortly (10.8.3) has the Ethernet issue resolved.  I am grateful that both macs don;t have issues with the wifi, otherwise I be extremely frustrated with clearing the smc and doing a safe re-start every week.


  • bsu1960 Level 1 Level 1

    My Problem is with disconnect----- while using wifi.

    My offer still stands for Apple to have access to my laptop and wifi ( airport extreme )

    I hope that people on this discussion who claim that Apple cannot replicate this issue or are unaware of it are misinformed for our sake.

  • hexdiy Level 1 Level 1

    Originally posted by RRFS:

    The only Apple folks who technically read these Forums are the Moderators who enforce rules about conditions on Forum behavior. There is    and they DO read those emails. This Forum is for the discussion and hopefully resolution of problems being experienced by the Apple Community. As Users ourselves some spend countless hours answering questions and finding solutions to other User's problems. Of the millions of Macs that are in use if this Forum represents even 1/100 of the people that are experiencing troubles then we are still several orders of magnitude better off than the Windows community. I do have sympathy for you and your problem, have you tried some of the work arounds listed in this thread? From my perspective Lion was more problematic than MtLion. Yes there are problems, yes things could be better. I have confidence that MtLion OS will become a very good platform. Snow Leopard is. The developers are jumping a pretty high bar by trying to blend a computer operating system with an ipad/iphone feel and look.

    If you want to correct issues on your system ask direct questions and we will do our best to answer them if you are willing to try what we suggest. Not every attempt will be successful, not every problem will be resolved, but if you look at some of the folks here who answer your questions those little points under their Avatar were earned 5 and 10 at a time when they were rewarded by a grateful user whose problem was solved or question was answered. They have given years of their time, for free, to assist others.

    Kudos to you, RRFS,

    I found your post while researching on the thread subject for a Flemish (Dutch speaking) Apple forum: InterMactivity, and I think your comment hit it right on the ball! I really hope people like you can help to get Apple back on track a little, because they seem to have been using customers as beta-testers for quite a while now.

    Sorry for the offtopic...

    P.S. still wisely running under Snow Leopard myself, thank you!

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