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hi so today I thought I would upgrade the Ram in in my 2011 mac mini from 2GB to 6GB, so i ejected the Previous 2 1GB sticks with no problem. then i snapped in the 4GB stick on the bottom, and the 2GB stick on the top, however, when i went to turn it on, it said i only had 4GB ram and the other slot was empty, so i opened it up again and found that the 2GB stick wasn't actually in properly. i tried snapping it in gently and with some force, but it wouldn't go in, so i decided to take it out for now. i pulled the little metal clips out the way to allow the ram to pop out, and i noticed that the clip holding the bottom stick down was out of place, as in it was not actually touching the stick but bent away from it ever so slightly. i think when pushing the clips away to free the ram, i must have bent the metal, but anyway the bottom slot does not work as the ram won't stay in position (i think) so i have to use the top slot, which i got working after violently snapping the stick into the slot. i investigated further and found that a little tiny peice of grey plastic was actually broken from the bottom of the clip, and thats why it wasn't working. but after i closed it up and turned it on, i thought that maybe if i just shove the stick into place, with one clip holding it. it might work, or do you think i would need both clips? also do you think apples 1 year warranty covers this?