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I just installed Mac OS X Server on Mountain Lion for the sole purpose of configuring a new network profile for my workplace. After configuring my system to enable Profile Manager, I launched the Profile Manager web interface, logged in, went to Device Groups, and created a new profile.


Settings are to include:


  General (required): includes general info about the profile itself

   Network: configure profile for both wired and wireless 802.1x authentication

   Certificates: include two certificates to trust for authentication to the network.


I was able to easily configure General and Network. However, whenever/however I attempt to upload the required certificates, the browser window displays "Uploading <name of certificate file.cer>...", with the spinning indicator and does nothing else, regardless of how long I leave it alone.


Thoughts appreciated. Considered firewall, DNS, etc issues but haven't found anything that may be getting in the way.



MacBook Pro, OS X Server