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    unfortenutly all what i found in my Library I copied b4 is the files below,

    Screen Shot 2012-08-01 at 3.14.09 AM.png,

    because when I copied I just copy Photo Library file, I didn't open or see any of its containes files, any way I copy all the file 2 the new library, but if u know any app 2 recover the whole old Photo Library I'll be glad to try it.


    PS. I'm doing Fix #1, when its done i'll tell u the result.

  • Old Toad Level 10 (135,423 points)

    If that screenshot is of the contents of your iPhoto Library_2 contents then don't bother since it is an incomplete library with non of the photos inside.


    How did you install Mountain Lion?  Did you do a standard install which just replaces the old syststem with the new system or did you do an install that erases the hard drive first and then installs Mt. Lion?


    Download and use  Find Any File  to search for "iPhoto Library" to see if there's another library somewhere on your hard drive that contains your photos.  If there isn't you're out of luck as your current library is not a complete library and has no photos.

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    I went 2 App Store, then bought the Mt. Lion, after that I just double clicked on it, or u could say it a standard.

    after that every thing was good, but after 2 days i found out i got no photos in iPhoto,.

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    after that every thing was good, but after 2 days i found out i got no photos in iPhoto,.

    So you're sayhing that you didin't try iPhoto for 2 days, right?  Of did iPhoto work for 2 days and then presented you with this problem?

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    No I opened once or twice. But it was good, untill 30 July, I opened the app and nothing was in it.

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    Thank you,


    I apologize for using this thread that belongs to a different discussion- but I know you know how to work these things.


    In regards to the rollover, I placed that code in my html snippet and all is working well- just one question, how do I replace those photos with the photos I want to use.


    I'm seeing that I need to save photos to a server in order to use them? How would I go about doing so?


    Thank you,


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    Look at the code.  You will need to upload your photos to a folder on your server and then link to them there. 


    The code for each photo looks like this:


    <a class="photo" title="Image1">Image 1 Text<img class="big"

    src="URL TO IMAGE 1.jpg ON SERVER" width="120" height="5"


    Change the Image 1 Text to what you want and replace URL TO IMAGE 1.jpg ON SERVER with the URL to your image file on you server.

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    I did exactly what you said and yet after I uploaded my site- when you hover over the text a small picture appears with a question mark.


    The code for one of my photos is as follows...


    <a class="photo" title="Image1">1. First name Last name <img class="big"

    src="" width="120" height="5"


    What do you think it could be?

  • Old Toad Level 10 (135,423 points)

    You've not got the correct URL.  You've put the image in your site folder and it gets overwritten when the next publication is made.


    Put the image in  a folder and place it beside your site folder on the server, i.e in the same folder as your site folder but NOT in your site folder.  Then the URL will be

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    I am using cyberduck.


    When I try to add another folderbeside my site folder I get a message that says:



    SSH Error: Cannot create folder Images


    Permission denied (SSH_FX_PERMISSION_DENIED: The user does not have sufficient permissions to perform the operation.).


    How can I fix this?

  • Old Toad Level 10 (135,423 points)

    Contact Customer Support for your hosting service.

  • LeoTawil Level 1 (0 points)

    I have figured out my issue and have gotten the images to appear. Lastly, would you know what I would need to change in the code to have the first image be present at all times and only the other images appear upon hovering? Say I have a list of 5 items... I want the picture for item #1 to be the default picture and only when hovering over the other 4 items on the list does the image change to the corresponding picture.


    Can you help with this?

    Thank you,


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    I have wrestled with this same problem for four days.  Went through all the options to rebuild the library, but always froze at about 90%.  Had telephone support help, but all options exhausted, so went back to basics myself.

    I trashed the new version of Iphoto and went back to the old one.  I opened my Pictures folder  , right clicked, and got it show originals.

    I then went through the originals year by year, folder by folder, picture by picture (6,800) and dragged onto the desktop any folder that contained OTHER THAN jpgs. (psd Photoshop format in particular.)

    I reinstalled the new Iphoto and it worked.  Everything intact.

    It clearly didnt like handling other formats, though it was happy with png.

    OK I have a fair few folders on my desktop which I will have to go through and change the psd ones to jpgs, but it works, so Im happy to do that over a few days.

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    Old Toad,


    My GF's MacBook Pro had this problem just after going to Mountain Lion and "Repair Database" worked (Repair Permissions did not).  Yeah! Thanks! She was stressing. Thanks for helping me help her!


    One other note... "Repair Database" took very little time to get to 100%. I'm not sure it was even a minute. However, the "100% Complete" info box remained on the screen for several minutes.  Just as I was on the verge of doing a "Force Quit", iPhoto came to life and all the images were there.  I don't know that forcing it to quit would have messed things up but it seems possible. Just an FYI for those that might try it. Be patient!


    Thanks again!

  • Old Toad Level 10 (135,423 points)

    Thanks for the feedback on the pause at the end of the process.  Force quitting could have messed up the library.