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    My computer - a mid-2010, 15in MBP - is running at about 2% CPU usage (not a lot). I have my display brightness at half and my keyboard backlight off. I currently have iTunes (not playing), Safari and, of course, Finder running. My battery is healthy, 94%...


    Yet, I'm losing just under a percentage of battery life per minute. Given that's 100% and there are 60 minutes in an hour, I have just over an hour and a half on a single charge. That's extremely fast. When I'm using more programs, the battery is run down even faster, obviously.


    Even when my MBP is asleep, my battery not only drains significantly, but completely out within a day (24 hours)... this isn't a configuration (besides Mountain Lion) gone awry. I haven't downloaded anything besides music since I've upgraded.


    Before I upgraded to Mountain Lion, I was getting at least 6 hours per charge. My computer isn't getting overly hot, I'm not using my computer heavily (i.e. more than 4 active programs, not many videos, not high CPU usage, etc.).


    So, go ahead and tell me that I'm doing something wrong.

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    Norbert Dentressangle wrote:


    Sir, it is you who is ranting and should leave this thread. Folk here have a common problem, so why should they not compare notes. If it only serves to reinforce the fact that many people haw the same lroblem, then it is good for something and Apple will take note.

    Sorry. My goal was only to keep this thread from turning into a free-for-all. Obviously I failed at that. That doesn't bother me much. Rant threads come and rant threads go. Next month it will be a different issue the bloggers have worked everyone up about. The only people who will suffer are people who are actually having problems. They can come here and compare notes until the end-of-days and it won't help them.


    If you (i.e. anyone reading this) is having problems, the best route to take is starting your own thread and discussing your unique problem. Don't assume it is some generic problem, it usually isn't. On the rare occasion when there is some generic problem, there is no guarantee that all similar-sounding problems have the same cause.


    I have plenty of points and don't need any more. But there are lots of other really smart people here who can help but haven't been here as long and want some points of their own. Why not give them a chance? It doesn't hurt you and helps them. Everyone benefits.

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    mcsinclair wrote:


    So, go ahead and tell me that I'm doing something wrong.

    You're doing something wrong. You are posting in a rant thread. That is a waste of your time. If you really think there is something wrong with Mountain Lion, you have to prove it. The number of pages in a rant thread on the topic proves nothing. In the course of trying to prove that, you just might find and fix the cause. The only guarantee I can make is that if you don't try, you'll never get it fixed.

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    @mcsinclair: got the very same problem as you have described! MBP late 2011, before about 6 hours with a single charge, now not even 2 hours. Like you, low CPU and almost no applications open, no music, display 2 levels higher than "completely dark".


    But in addition, my mbp gets really hot near the power adapter, even with low cpu... The update to Mountain Lion 10.8.1 made this a little bit better (it is not getting as hot as before anymore, but still too hot...).


    @etresoft: please, keep this a professional thread, thx. Nobody is interested in reading what they do wrong here, pls focus on constructive help.

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    helihoppter wrote:


    @etresoft: please, keep this a professional thread, thx. Nobody is interested in reading what they do wrong here, pls focus on constructive help.

    This is the 64th reply in this thread. If you want confirmation that other people have problems too, stay right here. If you actually want to get your problem fixed, you must go elsewhere. Pick whichever option you feel is most constructive for your goals.

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    My new MBP was getting hot and had same battery problems.  I was running no apps, low CPU and still it was running hot.  I did find a run away thread that was attached to an app I downloaded (but did not open) to load onto a tablet for my mom running on my machine.  When I closed it, the heat went away.  Look for any run away processes or process that are running that should not be because you closed the app and it is not supposed to run in background.  One may have hung on closing and may be causing the heat problem.


    As for the battery drainage, I just downloaded the update last night and I am waiting to see if it helps.  When I downloaded I was at 99% and plugged in.  After I downloaded, it dropped to 98%.  After rebooting and letting it sleep overnight, it was down to 97%.  So I have just unplugged and am waiting for the battery to drain, optimize and reset itself.


    We will see if the update helps.

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    Here's an update.  I drained the battery completely and then recharged to 100%.  I then unplugged and ran for 7+ hours with heavy usage  (multitasking).  Tonight after recharging I have been using unplugged for about 2 hours and it is at 91%.  I think the updated helped.  Time will tell if it truely did or is temporary.  I did notice that while it was sleeping, it uses more than I think it slept for 6 hours and ran down plugged in to 97%.  Maybe there is something with the sleep mode (running in the background for the sleep mode) that is pulling too much power.  Shouldn't it be the other way around?

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    I have the same problem here, since i upgraded to Mountain Lion, my baterry drain fast, really fast.

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    All I have read here has become bull.... with the efforts of etrosoft.. If you cannot provide anything usefull but simply just oppose what ppl say, what good are you anyhow?

    Topic claims a help, all I saw here is ...king arguments and contest..

    But anyway, I suppose this is also what Apple became after Jobs..

    Keep up the good! work..

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    Same here. My 8Gb memory disapears by onlu opening basic application. Rainbow wheel is consuming more of my time than the effective use of my MacBook Pro. *****.

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