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Hi, I'm really hoping someone can help me??


My other half took my iPad 2 to Ireland (and took the official Apple wall charger). One night when he was charging the iPad it came up with the message 'this accessory is not compatible with this device'  but he left it as he knew it was the correct charger and had the lightning bolt over the battery meter. Plus we have other Apple devices (iPhones, iPod Touch and iPod video and nano) that have displayed this message before and been okay.


Since he has been back, whenever the iPad is plugged into charge, either via wall mains or via USB on my laptop it won't charge. It doesn't even recognise that it is plugged in (no lightning bolt over the battery meter, no noise or vibration to show that it has been plugged in).


I've spoke to Apple Support today and found that it is 36 days out of warranty and will cost me over £210 to repair . The operator did suggest that I back up the iPad and then restore it to its factory settings but when I plug it in to my laptop with iTunes on it does not recognise it is there! So how can I do this?


Please can someone help? I've tried googling all sorts of resolutions but none work, you guys are my last hope as I cannot afford to repair it!


Any help is greatly appreciated.



iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iOS 4.3.3