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I currently run Windows XP on a 15 MBP (mid 2009).  Lately XP has been acting a little "buggy" and I unfortunately need it to run my patient documentation software.  Does anyone know if I can load Windows 7 directly onto XP in Boot Camp or do I have a lot more steps that I have to go thru?  Otherwise, should I go with Paralells or VM Fusion, etc.  I'd like to keep it simple if possible.  Thanks in advance for the advice!


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    VM is simple if you can share the processor and RAM. XP would be lighter in a VM.


    windows 7 to replace the XP boot camp native install.


    VirtualBox 4 for VM only, free.


    Acting buggy, is that almost a norm for XP? and does running CCleaner and chkdsk helped?

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    I could share the RAM but, I'm not sure what to do with the partitioned drive I have set up in BC.  If I went that route, I'd rather just start over without a partitioned drive, I'm just not sure how to do it?  that's why I thought I'd keep BC and the partitioned drive.  I also had concerns about keeping XP due to lack of support, newer software doesnt' like XP, etc.  What is CCleaner and chkdsk?

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    Remove the partition with Boot Camp Assistant. Then just run VM.


    You really went this long and don't know check disk or to clean the temp files and caches, as well as clean up the Registry? no wonder it is a little wonky.


    Windows disk cleanup and browser "delete cache and history" on exit or manual help but not as thorough.


    This tip on cleaning the %TEMP% folder






    Click on your C system drive Properties hardware - Check Disk to repair the directory structure. You should know how to use Safe Boot in OS X and to repair your disk drive there. Well, you need to cleanup and repair Windows too.



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    Ok, so much for asking a stupid question, I'm a doctor not an IT specialist, sorry!  Thanks.

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    XP was never that stable and reliable so usually people reinstlaled once or twice a year. Call it school of hard luck to force having to learn how to use XP CD and system repair for instance.


    And just like OS X you also want to clear out the junk Safari and Chrome leave on disk from your web browsing.


    I wanted to be something else but I got involved with why things don't work. Like you have concussion or cancer or diabetes and have to learn about cause and cure and how to care for yourself or your parents.


    When XP first acted up: ask. Someone has been there, done that, might have some suggestions.