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A number of years ago I had some programming routine work on Mac, but it has been a while now (for the elderly amongst us ... I extensively programmed in Pascal and in HyperCard ...)


Now I would like to do some scripting to automate some tasks in Mountain Lion. Example of the task is to have my MacMini check on a regular basis for the presence of shared drives (USB drives) connected to my TimeCapsule, and if these are not mounted to go and look for them and mount them (reason for this task is that my MacMini serves as media server to a.o. my AppleTV, and every now and then the drives are unmounted (reason is not clear to me).


Does anyone have some good reference material on how to program AppleScript ? (I assume this would be the tool to use ?)


Thanks in advance

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.4), Mid 2010