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in case of a new update, do I need to to enter my Apple ID and password again for MACs that use different Apple IDs?

OS X Mountain Lion
  • vhdv Level 1 Level 1

    Example: I purchased and installed Mountain Lion for my Mac with my Apple ID.

                   And then, I logged in my wife's Mac with my Apple ID and I downloaded and installed Mountain Lion there. Then I logged off.


                  Will she need my Apple ID and password when there is new Mountain Lion update? Just like the applications?

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    I concur. I help support a college campus which includes various iMacs in computer labs as well as faculty offices, and I'm hoping to update all those to Moutain Lion, but I'm worried that we'll have trouble with updates. '


    Will the people using those computers need the Apple ID that Moutain Lion was downloaded with to update their OS?


    Will any apple ID work, or will it need to be an ID that has purchased Mountain Lion?

  • R-raidercda Level 1 Level 1

    Can someone please answer this? I'm stuck between updates, afraid i will run in to big problems