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    When you reference that the external drive needs to be formatted Mac OS Extended, can you tell me what this means? I am in the process of doing a backup with on "My Book Essential formatted for Mac." Should this be sufficient? What do I lose if it's not "extended?"


    Also, I'm trying to absorb all that I've read here. Do I need to do two separate backups if I want a copy that can be opened in Mac and also a copy that can be opened on any other computer, e.g. PC?  I think I do but just making sure.


    Thank you!

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    Okay, I apologize. I feel stupid. I just looked up "get info" on my external drive and it does say it is formatted as mac os extended (journaled)! So nvm to that question. However, I would still like to clarify whether or not photos backed up as an iPhoto library can be opened on a PC or whether they would need to be exported and backed up separately for potential PC access?

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    1. Mny manufacturers put that " formatted for Mac" label on disks that are formatted FAT as Macs can write to them too. But these are not appropriate for an iPhoto Library. It needs to be Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and you can do this with Disk Utility in your Applications/Utilities folder.


    2. iPhoto has no cross platform ability whatever. If you want to have the shots available for a PC you'll need to export from iPhoto to the Finder.






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    Photos for Mac

    As far as I know there is no program fir the PC that understands the iPhoto library structure and generally a PC can not access a Mac OS extended formatted drive. So to use iPhoto photos on a PC select the photo(s) in iPhoto, export them to a desktop folder and move that folder to the PC



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    Larry and Terence,


    Thank you both. That is what I thought and just needed to confirm.


    Thanks so much for your replies.

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