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    Software and Computer Systems Company ( makes a drive utility called "Scannerz" which finds drive faults. Because lockups are a frequent sign of drive failure, people are sending them questions about Mountain Lion. Their advice is to see if there are other signs of failure being posted on the web. There  are, and they're numerous. MacBook Pro's seem to be another platform with this problem. Perhaps the list will grow. Some people are indicating problems, others are reporting smooth sailing.


    Personally, I wouldn't waste a lot of time trying to fix this yourselves, especially if this problem surfaced right after the OS install occurred - contact Apple support or flle a bug. They won't know about problems if no one reports them. This is a new release of the OS so it's not uncommon for bugs to occur. What's the probability of a drive error occurring right after a new OS is installed? 0.01%?

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    I have a Mac Mni 2012 with the same specs and it freezes all the time after Mountain Lion upgrade. When it freezes I just can't click anything the only thing that works is the mouse cursor... Sometimes by using my Mac mini for about two hours I have to perform a hard reset 2 or times, my Mac mini is unusable! It doesn't matter what I'm doing even with only one simple app such as pages it freezes. Apple should care more about performance and to solve prority bugs like that before advertising Mountain Lion has more than 250 new features!


    Another weird issue related Mac mini's recent freezing behavior is the lagness of my magic mouse cursor when I download anything on the Mac App Store, the mouse just dead, although it is a brand new mouse!


    How can we report those bugs to Apple?


    Thanks in advance.

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    Apple's Round Filing cabinet...



    Bugs are just undocumented "features".

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    Thanks, I've submitted those bugs! I think that everyone who came upon here to find a solution for weird bugs like that should submit the issues they're facing so that Apple knows their custumers are in need of response and solutions.


    I'm almost tottaly sure it is not a hardware related bug as on Lion everything was just fine...I hope some important updates show up soon on the Mac App Store.


    Best Regards.

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    OK, good luck!

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    The feedback site is generally for feedback like "Why did you get rid of my XYZ font" or "Why don't you bring the desktop back to the way it was in Snow Leopard." In other words, it's for opinions.


    You guys are talking about bugs - bugs that sound like threads deadlocking. To file a real bug I think you want to do this (if it's wrong, someone from Apple please feel free to correct this):


    1. Go to the web site:
    2. You'll have to login with you're ID, and it may not be the same as your AppStore ID (you might need  to create one)
    3. A bug reporter form will come up. Right underneath the "Bug Reporter" title are selection options. Click on the "New Problem" label and the form will change so you can enter a new problem.
    4. Fill out the form and submit it.


    Hope this helps!

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    Glad to know i'm not the only one with this issue! well I'm not glad per say but you get me aha.


    Anyway, I haven't used my Mini since I posted this, just don't want to anymore cos of this bug, using my MBP instead, but this is so annoying and we need it fixed, does the new 10.8.1 update fix this issue? (even though i realise it is only for beta testers and not yet realised to the public!)


    And i'd report this bug but you have to be an Apple Developer, which most of us aren't.


    Apple needs to know though, it's definately something wrong with Mountain Lion.

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    I recently installed Mountain Lion again from a CLEAN INSTALL. By formatting hard disk and installing on my mac-mini from a Memory Stick and no issues have ocurred. No freezing anytime....


    I suppose that ther must be some problem with de migration from lion to mountain....

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    I just made a clean Mountain Lion installation after hours backing up my files etc. and what do I get? Peristent Mac mini freezing! Arrrhrhr! I also make use of an alternative HDMI cable to connect the Mac mini to my LG display, I'll change it to an Apple original one and see what's next as it is the only non-apple acessory connected to the Mac mini. After testing that possibility I'll come here to share the experience.


    Good luck you all.

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    Hi everyone!


    Since Mountain Lion, my Mac mini freezes up a lot, too. I did a clean install, too, without migrating from another system, but this behavior continues.


    I did notice that just before the freeze, the preference file /Library/Preferences/ changed the permission and a tiny little bit of content. If I delete this file and do a restart, everything is ok for a few days, but then it starts again.

  has the preferences for the Apple firewall, but I don't have the firewall on.


    So, perhaps a few questions for anyone with freezes:


    - Can you check on a change to the file just before the freeze?

    - With me, there seems to be a small change in the content, just before the end of the file, under "stealthenabled", the version number changed from 1.0a23 to 1.0a24. Nothing else. Anyone with an idea on this?

    - The group permission changes from wheel to admin. Any idea on that? I can repair permissions, but it just changes again after some time.

    - Does anyone have some explanation on the firewall errors about user agent 1102 and if they somehow are related to this issue? (In look under var/log/appfirewall.log)


    Perhaps we can see a pattern with these annoying freezes.


    Thanks a lot!

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    Try to reset the smc. If you can't power off with the button that's usually the problem. is the link for how.

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    I ran disk utility and repaired even though it said not necessary and then ran onyx automatic and mine is fixed now no freezing!

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