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I've been having a really weird problem:  a red blotch near the center of my screen, visible if the screen is black, or dark background in video playback.  It's about an inch off center (right) and it look like a "T" made by a paint brush stroke.  When it first appeared (in the same spot to the left of center), Apple replaced the display (in the last year of Apple Care), and it disappeared.  It reappeared 4 weeks later as clear lines (in the same spot).  They replaced the display again, and it disappeared once again.  It happened a third time 4 months after that, and they replaced the logic board as well as the display; again, "fixed."  Here's the weirdest part:  because, after all this, the computer would not charge, they threw up their hands and gave me a brand new MacBook Pro. That was a month ago, and last night, there was the red blotch again (except now, again, just to the right of center).


I can't find anything like this (online) happening to anyone else, and so far Apple hasn't determined what they think the problem is.  I sort of feel now the problem must lie with me.  But what could I be doing?  I haven't dropped it; I'm just using it for email and reading online.


Anyone have any idea what this might be?  Thank you very much in advance for any suggestions.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    I don't think it's you.


    Take a screen shot, open that shot & move the pic around, is there ever 2 spots showing up, one moving with the pic?


    If so it's the Logic Board/Video Card, if just one then the screen or connector.

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    Thanks.  I'll try that.

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    There's just the one, which doesn't move.  I.e., as I move the (black) screen shot, the red blotch is stationary (appears on different parts of the screenshot as I move it.  So, it's the screen, then?

  • BDAqua Level 10 (122,276 points)

    Then it's not the Video card  or VRAM, but outward from tere... the cable or Monitor.

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    Any idea what might have caused it?  It's the fourth time it's happened, and this last time on a brand new computer.  Thanks again.

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    I can only do wild guesses at this popint, only thing I can think of on your end is possible AC power problems, but I've not been impressed with Apple's quality since the 68K or Beige days.


    THe iMac7,1 I'm on now needed repair 3 times & still scares me with it's PSU temps.

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    I am having the same problem....Any solution to this????

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    Their latest guess is that this is pressure on the display (where the apple is, hence the unusual design).  They replaced the display (again) -- and gave me a shell to keep it safe.  So far, they've now replaced the display four times, and the computer itself twice.  I don't know.  I'm not too optimistic.  What exactly is your discoloration.  (Btw, not sure if I understood this when I wrote about this before, but the blotch/mark, whatever it is, does NOT move with the screenshot (i.e., it was on the display itselft).

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    The red blotches are in where block pixels are at on the screen.  The issue of the red blotch had just started; I am not sure if its hardware or software.

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    Same with Apple:  they don't seem to know what it is.

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    I'm keep look for an answer...thanks for your help.

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    Let me know what you find out.  Right now, I have no blotch (new display).  But, like I said, I'm not optimistic.  I found a guy in another forum who had the same exact shape as mine (summer 2011); don't know what happened to his.  Obviously, something is going on, but Apple doesn't seem to know what it is.

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    This might sound a little crazy but I was investigating my own display issues and when I powered my MBP down I noticed the apple logo in reverse! The sunlight was illuminating through my computer! When I waved my hand across the back of the screen it was visible! For my sake, just ensure that it isn't this!

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    Hi mate - did you ever have any updates on this?


    I'm suffering from an identical problem to the one you describe.



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