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I am using a 13.1 inch Macbook in white, 2 ibook g4's,and an emac g4. All running OS X Tiger.

The issue I have is with Safari,Tenfourfox,Camino,and Firefox.

Each one is a headache to use on my macs,as I get freezes and the spinning beach ball for long minutes in each.

I am very impatient.

Also I can barely scroll a page!

This happens on sites like Twitter,Google,Myspace,and sometimes even on Wikipedia.

I also get script errors.

It is annoying the **** outta me!

So I am trying Omniweb 5.11.2,and it is nice.

Little freezing up and seeing the spinning beach ball for long minutes of time.

I made it the dault browser for now on my ibook g4 and emac g4.

On my macbook,I now have Opera. It too is running smoothly.

What is wrong with these other browser and the web in Tiger? Mozilla-like browsers I use were worsst showing java script errors on Facebook and Google.

Safari for Tiger, is just hideous on Twitter and required a reset and force quit twice!

Any other good browser I can use besides Omniweb and Opera? I also tried iCab. It too works better than Safari on Twitter.

I have 512mb of RAM on each machine except the emac g4,which has only 256mb.

Is it my RAM? Should I install 1 gig in all my macs?

iBook, Mac OS X (10.4.11)