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hi guys

so..here's the thing . i can't mantain an internet connection with my iMac for more than 30 seconds. i have wireless inernet on my house and every other equipment connectd to the internet perfectly ( my cell phone , my ipod touch and 2 PCs). It goes something like this :

i open my browser (i use firefox )

i open any website , and for 30 seconds it's ok

i then try to open another page or something and it starts loading until a message saying that firefox can't find the server pops up (although the airport signal is as strong as possible )

i found a temporary solution ( but it really frustrating to this every 30 seconds) , which is to open system preferences , network setting , hit advanced , then i click Renew DHCP lease. By doing that i just get another 30 seconds of internet.


i tried many things that were suggested in forums such as this , including :

- set the ipv4 manually

-deleting airport and then adding it again

-shut it down time and time again and turn it back on again using the safe mode

-i even tried establishing a powerline ethernet system but the same thing happens (so the problem isn't only related to wi-fi )

-resetting the router

-open the firewall options and click "allow all incoming connections"


so can you guys help me or is this a hardware problem?

Mac OS X (10.5.8)