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    I do have the 194kb version Perian version of "A52Codec.component" in: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components, and removed all other components from that folder. 


    I deleted the "A52Codec.component" from: /Library/QuickTime, and only left AC3MovieImport.component there.


    But the audio still doesn't play. Please see the attached screen shots below. Let me know if you have any more suggestions for me...








  • Malcolm J. Rayfield Level 5 (6,938 points)

    Make sure there is nothing in the ~Library version of the folders.  My Perian is set to Stereo.

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    This Worked for me I'm still on LION 10.7.5 (only works on DIVX 9.0.1 build 10.4.0-57 Bonham)..


    Thanks alot for the fix !! now my MKV files with the AC3 audio work IN DIVX..


    Still havent jumped on the Mountain Lion Bandwagon..I'm awaiting my job to fully support the Cisco Anywhere VPN (just became compliant with ML) & the Citrix plug in (last I checked citrix isnt 100% on ML) software for ML before any upgrade to Mountain Lion is made on my Mac Mini...No way im I going to do the Windows mantra of getting 8 and getting stuck with what doesnt work but i have to like tiles..nah....I'll stick with what works for now thank you very much and for me that is remaining with LION for now..


    Few notes about this codec.. VLC isnt playing the video. Neither before or after this codec.

    I had the sound before the to my shock VLC didnt actually play its almost play anything kinda mantra also..Quicktime doesnt recognize MKV so as long as I have one player that works, and thats DIVX free player...I'm good..



    What was funny was DIVX came up with a message saying the codec may need updating, gave me a link on the divx website to go about looking for Perian..but then divx itself needed updating I took the update..then the new error message was that the codec was FLAT OUT not supported NO LINK sorry you're out of luck..




    if you didnt click the link before you updated you're clueless now. GLAD I DID otherwise I'd of never known Perian existed..Sourceforge had a codec also.

    the codec provided from  worked..


    Thank you very much!!

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    It wrks! Thank you Malcolm J. Rayfield. It turnes out that I had the old version of A52Codec in my ~Library. Couldn't find ~Library before. Apperantly it's now hiden. To view it, launch Findar, click on Go and press Option.

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    Thanks for the codec — It helped to solve the issue of no sound playing while using the divx webplayer. For the record, I'm on OSX 10.8.2. and also have VLC installed.

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    I hope you don't mind me tagging on here, but I've been having this same battle over at I followed all the suggestions, I think:


    I've had the latest -- six-months-old -- version of Perian (v1.2.3) already installed since its release.


    I ditched my old a52codec component, and D/L'ed the latest a52codec from and installed it.


    Then I moved the very few codecs recommended to be removed by the goodbye letter from the lost folks at Perian:


    Macintosh HD>Library>QuickTime: "DivX Decoder.component," "DivX Encoder.component," and the mysterious (and 6-year-old) "XviD_Codec 1.0 alpha.component"


    Macintosh HD>Library>Internet-Plug-Ins: "DivXBrowserPlugin.plugin."


    I moved those codecs to a folder on an external drive, thinking I might need them again -- good thinking, for once, because I DID need them again, contrary to what Perian and DivX have said .


    Restarted the iMac. I was able to JUST open the DivX Player, and actually JUST open a movie clip, but ALL the controls on the DivX Player were grayed-out: I couldn't make it full-screen, couldn't access the preferences, make the video stop or start or pause, or do/control anything whatsoever (including the maddening subtitle glitch), and, in fact, I couldn't even CLOSE DivX Player until I had closed every other open app on the Mac. Very nice.


    Just to make my experience complete, I went to the Feral Interactive site that gave me the error message that something was rotten in the state of DivX that started me on this 9-hours-and-counting useless quest, and got the exact same error message and NON-playability I got BEFORE I upgraded the ac3 component and ditched the Xvid plug-ins.


    So, since THAT did me no good, I then went back and reinstalled the "DivX Decoder.component," "DivX Encoder.component," "XviD_Codec 1.0 alpha.component," and "DivXBrowserPlugin.plugin." I was then able to open the same movie file, fullscreen, but I could still do nothing with the subtitles, except make them black with a black outline -- couldn't turn them off at all. BTW, I also have VLC installed, and it works.


    I went BACK to the Feral Interactive site that gave me the initial error message about DivX, and got the exact SAME error message and NON-playability. Right back to Square One after wasting, between last night and today, about 8 hours of fiddling about to no good end.


    By the way -- unless you want to pay for it, don't bother D/Ling the Pavtube Video Converter: unless you pays yer money, it gives you a huge "pavtube" watermark across the entire width of the viewing screen of the converted file.


    The ONE and ONLY GOOD thing I found was a DivX player that works -- on the Mac, anyway -- better than DivX itself (no player at all would be better than the DivX Player itself, because you wouldn't waste your time trying to make it work). The DivX player that works better than the DivX Player is called "NicePlayer," and it's free, and It works. What a crazy concept in software applications!.


    If any Mac user, OS X 10.7.5 Lion or lower (can't upgrade to 10.8.x Mountain Lion because 10.8.x cripples a very large number of third-party apps I use -- just ask Ambrosia Software) has been able to get DivX to run on their Mac, PLEASE let me in on the secret of how you did it. I really liked DivX Player when it worked (about a week), but it's no good to me in its present crippled and unusable state.


    I've been wrestling on and off with DivX for more than a year, with VERY mixed results. I'd really like it to work, and, maybe I'm barking up the wrong extension, but I'd like to be able to stream using it, a feature it claims to possess. Not having gotten the Player itself to work correctly, I haven't had a chance to try it.


    Thanks for the insurrection (if you know what THAT line's from, you know how utterly OLD I am...); any help would be greatly appreciated. Not help in being old -- that's irreversible, I'm told. Help with DivX and what codecs need to be where would be great.




    Bart Brown


    Sorry, left out some info: using DivX Plus Player for Mac OS X, v9.0.1, Build 10.4.0-57 Bonham; mid-2011 27" iMac, 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5, 12 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 RAM, AMD Radeon HD 6770M, 512 MB VRAM.I'm running Mac OS X 10.7.5 Lion (for the reasons listed above)

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    I have spent the last 5 minutes trying to reply to your question and the sytem keeps telling me that I have content that it doesn't like????


    I have no idea what that content is.  Why doesn't it just show me what it doesn't like?  Other sites do.


    I don't know how to use the Private Message Feature or if they even have this feature on this site.  If they do,

    would you please use reply to this reply and give me the instructions and I will send you the reply that it will not let me post. 


    This website is not very user friendly at all.



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    I don't think there is a PM feature, so if you like you can PM me thru my youtube page and I will send you my reply to your problem.


  • CheeMiss8 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Bart


    I never did get this nightmare DivX to work properly.  It messed up my entire Mac 10.6. 

    I had to erase my entire Mac and re-install all discs.   I now avoid DivX like the plague. 

    I watch Movies online all the time and all I have in my system now is Quick Time & Perian.  Yep, that is it.  


    If you like I can PM you the movie sites I use and the links that are the best to watch WITHOUT that DivX nightmare.  The only problem is I don't know where to find the PM or how to activate it.  So you will have to let me know how by replying to this reply.


    I stumbled upon a great site.  Phil lives in the UK & whenever you post a question, he responds the next day due to the time zone difference.


    He helped me uninstall a program I bought, that did NOT do what it claimed to do.  The MacKeeper.  That too is a nasty piece of work.  Without Phil's instructions, it can't be removed completely as some components are hidden and tracking you all the time.


    I downloaded some pretty useful programs from his website for free.  The EasyFind is great.  Even Apple Care was impressed when they couldn't find something on my Mac & I opened up it and found the item in a flash.

    And as per Phil's advise I also downloaded Ad Blocker.  What a gem that extension is.


    I recently upgraded to the Mac 10.8 Mountain Lion and like it very much.  You stated that it's not compatible with your Mac bcos of all your extensions.  Well, perhaps you don't really need all those extensions in the first place.  You should check with Phil about that.  He's a very nice man & very knowledgeable.



    The only slight problem I had with the 10.8 was that the youtube videos were not playing smoothly anymore. Always stopping buffering, stuttering etc.  So I downloaded ClickToFlash 2.7.2 as an extension too.  It too is Free.  I forget where I found it.


    Nice, now I can watch the youtube videos and IF I have a problem on other sites that are not up to date with that Flash business,  I merely open Safari/Preferences/Extensions/ and uncheck the  ClickToFlash box.

    I can activate it when I need it and turn it off when I don't.  No problem. 


    Let me know if you want those Free Movie sites. 



    Good Luck


    P.S.  I finally figured out what this system didn't like about my post.  It didn't lke the word Free in front of the word Movies.  Ain't that a pip!

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    "P.S.  I finally figured out what this system didn't like about my post.  It didn't lke the word Free in front of the word Movies.  Ain't that a pip!"


    A certain computer company the name of which begins with the letter A has discovered Darwinian Capitalism and decided it REALLY, REALLY likes it. Any reference to "free" anything makes it quiver like a blancmange in a tornado. It's heresy!


    Yes, DivX is one of THE premier three-fingered-boogers in the software universe, and I fought with it for a year. For reasons I couldn't track backwards step-by-step if my life depended on it, yesterday it all came together, and now it works, EXCEPT. for reasons unknown, some site vids (like game trailers) you try to play using Firefox drop down a DivX screen and an error message, and DivX is still trying to figure out why THAT happens. The same game trailer site (feral Interactive F1 2012) plays the video in Safari just fine, but in a player window i don't recognize. Same deal with Chrome -- the game trailer plays in a player window, NOT DivX, and NOT the same window you get in Safari. For help with DivX, I highly recommend their user forum -- just don't get your knickers in a twist if you try to contact them on a Saturday and hear nothing until Monday -- one of the few software/hardware/malware companies that actually works an old-fashioned 9:00AM to 5:00PM CST, 5-day workweek. For a long time over the past year, it's been very difficult to get any info out of Rovico/DivX, but over the past couple days, they've solved all my DivX problems, except the web player.


    I think you'll probably have to step up to at least Lion, and get Perian v1.2.3 -- everybody here's squeaking "why do you need Perian?"  The better question would be "why do you need Lion?" as it cripples several third-party apps I use daily. If you don't update, however, the big A will leave you in "no longer supported" limbo. So why Perian? Simply this: If you want to use DivX Plus, having Perian solves a lot of problems -- HOW, I'm not sure, but with Perian's codecs, the ones that get installed with Quicktime, and the ones that come with DivX Plus, you're pretty well covered as far as Matroska Video (.mkv) files and almost every audio/video  codec is concerned. The fly in that ointment that I'm sure someone at Rovico/DivX will fix eventually is that Perian is no longer being developed, as of about 6 months ago. Time will march on, but our old friend Perian will not.


    I will say that DivX is about the best .mkv/H.264 player I've seen, full screen on my 27" iMac. Beautiful.


    But you won't find answers about DivX HERE, believe me.




    PS -- Did you get my PM from YouTube?

  • Bartbrn Level 1 (15 points)

    Oh yes, and the 194MB Perian version of "A52Codec.component" is critical. Sorry, I've had so many Codices running through my 15-watt brain, I forget a lot. Plus I'm almost 65, and apparently well past my expiration date.



  • Bartbrn Level 1 (15 points)

    Just closed out of this discussion and a critical piece of email came down the chute from DivX:



    yaddayaddayadda... Thank you for your feedback on this topic. We appreciate your continued support and are always interested in your suggestions and concerns. The DivX team relies on user feedback to provide better products and services! Concerning the feral link, it loads a YouTube video for me, so I was not able to find any DivX videos on their site to test on our end. At 10"45, 01-29-13, I tried the Feral Interactive site again, got the same DivX Player window, and the same DivX Plus Web Player error message: "The DivX Plus Web Player could not download the video, please check internet connection." (See attached screen grab).


    DivX Support Team Response:


    Here are some updates:

    On Firefox, if you go to Tools > Add-Ons > Extensions, and disable the DivX Plus Web Player HTML5 add-on, you should be able to playback the video with Firefox.

    The messaging from the DivX Plus Web Player – check your internet connection – is generic and not very insightful. I have sent this issue to our engineers and PM for review.

    Thank you for bringing this out.

    DivX Support Team


    And that WAS the magic trick -- disabling the DivX Plus Web Player HTML5 extension, which apparently gets installed in the whole DivX Plus installation. Just went to Feral's site, video plays like a champ, no errors.



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    Hi Bart,


    Yes I got your PM via youtube and replied with all the info via youtube last night, as it was much easier to do so.


    If you did not get it, let me know and I will use the email address that you provided in the PM.


    btw:  I am now getting 2 notifications per post on this topic.  Crazy!   Hmmm?

  • Bartbrn Level 1 (15 points)

    Nope, didn't get it. Please send email.





  • CheeMiss8 Level 1 (0 points)

    Done, I just sent the email. 

    Pls let me know that you got it.