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    Thanks so much for your links.


    I made a new USB mountain lion, and clean installed.


    However how do I restore my saved time machine.

    I tried to do it through the USB stick with ML, but it says it will restore and wipe everything I have on the hard drive. Will this mean also the installation of ML I just created? If so, what's the point of inppclean installing in the first place.

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    The USB you made is for the clean install only.  You can unplug it, save it, delete it - whatever you want to do (I'd hold on to for a few days before deleting it).


    Your TM backup should be on another drive.  Did you make the backup BEFORE clean installing? If not, then you've just lost everything.

    If you made the backup before the clean install and it was connected during the re-install then you should have saw an option to use the backup to restore the computer.  If you skipped that, you can still restore folders.


    1. Make sure your BACKUP is connected.
    2. Open the directory (such as the Applications folder, Music folder, etc.) you want restored.
    3. Click the Time Machine icon on the menu bar and select ENTER TIME MACHINE.
    4. Choose the date of the backup you want and hit RESTORE. It will restore the currently selected folder.
    5. Open the next directory you want restored and repeat steps.


    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the instructions. I never thought of doing it manually. But is this a better way than the migration tool?

    I used the migration tool and restored my user acc. Is this the same or have I just gone back to square one with the same upgraded ML system from Lion?

    I went back into the clean install user acc too and checked my mp3s on my external but it still can't see the album art in the finder.


    I am now slightly confused as to whether migrating the info also made the system go back to the one I didn't want pre-clean install.

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    Yeah, I think using the Migration tool really just duplicated a system that wasn't performing the way you wanted it to.  I'd clean install again and take the time to set up from scratch manually.

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    After clean install, I loaded up my itunes library and to see if the finder display the MP3 songs.

    Seems like its the same.


    I have some complex settings on some apps that I don't want to have to go through again, so I will just go to Migration Tool and update.


    I had issues with restarting my machine where the screen can be black.... its starting to happen again. On my last system thats saved on Time Machine the problem has disappeared. So I think I will go back as this clean install doesn't show my album art in finder at all.

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    Yeah, I have this exact problem along with a few other quick look quirks. Apart from the issue of icon preview not working with audio files, some Microsoft Office files' icons don't preview within folders either. Weirdly, the exact same Powerpoint file has an icon preview on the desktop but when viewed inside a folder it doesn't.


    I did a completely clean install of Mountain Lion a few weeks ago because of some other problems I was having and didn't restore any settings from a backup or anything - just started from scratch as if it was a new computer - icon previews for audio have not worked properly once.


    Is there a plugin that isn't functioning properly or something? Where are the plugins for quicklook in Finder? Does anyone know?

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    I faced the same problem and just got the solution.


    After updating to Mountain Lion, you can't play any audio file directly in the Mac OS X Finder by hovering over the icon and then clicking on the ‘play’ button.



    Step 1: Open iTunes

    Step 2: Add all your audio files in iTunes Library

    Step 3: Allow iTunes to access the internet (i mean you need to be connected to internet ...for some album art issues i guess)


    Step 4: Quit iTunes after iTunes have nothing in process

    Step 5: Log Out and then Log In your computer



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    @creative eye


    I don't necessarily need to play the song on the finder.

    I guess you can press space bar and it plays the mp3.


    By the way, my original issue was that I couldn't preview my album art on the mp3 files...they are just blue icons.

    Are you able to see the album art on the files?

    The reason I ask is the Dj app relies on album art on the finder to preview on the app. Right now I cannot see any thus blank album art on the dj app.

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    @creative eye and @buccfitty


    I managed to fix the problem with album art.





    1. With every new computer I have purchased, I use to just press option + iTunes to locate my folder on my external drive.

    2. I tried today to press option again but selected the local folder (Music/Itunes) this time. I then quit iTunes, and copied these four files from my external drive and replaced the local ones so I get the latest updated playlists etc. that I have already.

    iTunes Library Extras.itdb ,iTunes Library Genius.itdb , iTunes Library.itl , iTunes Library.xml

    3. When I opened iTunes this time it read the local folder. Miraculously, all the album art appeared in both my external drive library and local drive too.

    4. Since it works, I then went into iTunes Preferences/Advance tab and in iTunes Media folder location redirected the location of my music files to my external drive iTunes/ iTunes Media folder. If it asks to collate data, update lbrary press YES. But NO to organizing.



    Presto!! All your music files whether on internal drive or external all the album art has appeared.


    Hope this helps!! Let me know if there are any other questions.

    I am on 10.8.2 running retina macbook pro.

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    Same issue here.

    Here's my setup:

    OS X 10.8.2 (clean install), iTunes 10.7

    I replaced the optical drive with a SSD and set it as my startup drive. My iTunes library is located on the stock HDD drive. For every music file (inside or outside the iTunes library), the album art (which I'm sure is embedded in the music file) is not shown in finder icon or quick look.

    I tried AA101 solution, not working.

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    Did you have your iTunes four files in the optical drive since the system is there?

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    Here are my steps:


    1. Option+Click iTunes, create a new library on my desktop (located on SSD, the startup drive).

    2. Quit iTunes.

    3. Copy the four files in ~/Music/iTunes (on HDD, with symbolic link) to the new iTunes library folder on desktop and overwrite the new created ones.

    4. Reopen iTunes.


    Now the content of the library is my music files on HDD, while in Preferrences->Advanced tab, the location of iTunes media folder is on desktop.


    However, album art is still missing in Finder or quick look.

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    Open a new admin account on your computer.

    Log out current one, and login to new one.

    Try only to download an album or track from reputable store which have embedded album art.

    Click open to view and you should not be able to view album art.


    Open iTunes.

    Click ok agreement.

    Once its done, it should have saved to original place it was intended to.


    Now go back to the album you just downloaded. You should be able to view the album art.


    If this works then use this account from now on.


    I tried to do this and it works, and when I literally moved the files away from the location of iTunes, and reopened iTunes app, immediately all preview album art on finder has disappeared. Once I moved the ALL itunes files and folders back to original place, album art on finder immeditaely appeared.


    Good luck with testing.

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    Thanks for your advice.


    However, it's a little bit painful to start from a new account. Maybe next time I encounter this issue again after a clean install I'll try your solution.