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  • robert pfile Level 2 (155 points)

    even limiting your upload bandwidth? so far that looks like the solution to this problem. just above you is the link to Entonnoir, did you try that?

  • jurneeka Level 1 (0 points)

    No, I have a 2010 MacBook Air running through Time Capsule.  I'll try it now though.  This is super frustrating because it worked so well when I first signed up a year and a half ago.

  • jurneeka Level 1 (0 points)

    I uploaded Entonnoir, now I"m getting Error 4002. UGH!

  • Mr. Luigi Level 1 (10 points)

    OK Folks,


    This discussion seems to have reached critical mass and IMO it's time for us to band together and share our problems with Apple in the ONLY manner Apple accepts sharing...It's Feedback site.


    Here is the link to the section of the Apple Feedback site for iTunes.  I think iTunes is about as close as we are going to get to iTunes Match out of the choices they offer.



    I know some folks believe Apple reads these forums for feedback.  They don't.  At least you will never read a response from any Apple employee on these discussion forums addressing any problem.


    I was getting ready to write up a feedback report and realized it might help make my report more helpful if I could clear up one thing.  Are the problems we are experiencing all associated with songs transferred to our iTunes libraries via CD's that won't upload to the Cloud via iTunes Match?  Or are the problems we are experiencing associated with songs transferred to our iTunes libraries via CD's AND songs bought through online sources like iTunes, Amazon MP3 Store, etc.


    So far, in my case, I have only had problems uploading songs to the Cloud via iTunes Match from songs transferred to my iTunes library via CD's.  All songs bought online from iTunes or Amazon have uploaded to the Cloud fine.  Maybe I have just been lucky.  Maybe this is a pattern.


    That's why I am asking the question before providing Apple with Feedback.


    I strongly suggest everyone who is having these problem provide Apple with Feedback.  In a perfect world, this shouldn't be necessary.  But, the world isn't perfect and I know that in the end what we REALLY want is for iTunes Match to work like it should.


    Cheers, Mr. Luigi

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    Mr. Luigi, that is exactly what my problem is.  I have never had an issue with tracks purchased on iTunes or Amazon.  Issues with tracks downloaded from sites such as SoundCloud have been very rare. 


    However, since November, and apparently since I upgraded to Mountain Lion, it has been a struggle to upload songs from CDs.  Before problem whatsoever. 


    This is really the first time I have had any real issue with Apple, and I am frankly flummoxed that they haven't been more proactive in providing a solution for this problem given the uproar (and not just here on the Apple Communities but on other sites as well, as I found out through a google search).  I think Match is a great program and well worth the $24.95 when it is working...


    Oh and an update - after downloading the program mentioned above and changing my upload speed, I have managed to get 5 of the 12 songs I wanted uploaded to Match, but it's taken at least 20-30 attempts so far.  I am kind of frustrated that I actually have to download a third-party software program from the 'Net in order to get an Apple application to work on its own system, I should NOT  have to do that. 

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    The problem is specifically when iTunes Match decides it needs to upload songs. This can happen a number of ways, the origin of the song file doesn't really matter.


    If iTunes match trys to match a song on your system against a song in the iTunes Store and fails, the song must be uploaded. This happens to me all the time because I get a lot of music from Bandcamp and on CD from artists who are not on the iTunes Store.

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    I understand that but again...the uploading of songs that could not be matched in iTunes was NOT a problem...until I upgraded to Mtn Lion in November.

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    You're right, I had meant to reply to Mr. Luigi's post instead of yours. This is the problem we are all having.

  • Mr. Luigi Level 1 (10 points)


    and All,


    Sorry it has taken me so long to get back.  I wanted to get all my P's And Q's in a row before filling out my feedback form.  njdoyle is right...not that he needs my approval.  Strictly speaking, when he says "...the origin of the song file doesn't really matter" that is absolutely true.  Indirectly, however, it seems to matter, and I admit this is nit-picking.  It appears almost all the problem songs come from CD's (not all, but almost all) which can't be matched and must be downloaded to the Cloud by iTunes Match.


    But the Bottom line is this:  The problem IS songs that must be downloaded to the Cloud by iTunes Match.  This is what I will be emphasizing in my Feedback report.


    As I said in a earlier post, my first experience with this came from a relatively rare Skeeter Jones CD that had quite a number of obsure songs which could not be Matched.  I tried to download them for about 4 hours at home and gave up.  If you remember, I then went to the school where I teach and...wam, bam...all the songs downloaded in about 2 minutes.  I mention this again as our network at school is QUITE FAST.  I know several posts have shared success stories based on slowing down your computer's data transfer rate.  But, my experience runs counter to this.  I changed networks, but I certainly did not slow down anything.  In fact, although my home network is quite fast, the school's network is faster.  (In both cases greater than 10 MB/sec for uploads and greater than 20 MB/sec for downloads).


    I once again encourage everyone to submit feedback reports to Apple about this problem.  It is pretty clear the problem is associated with music files that must be downloaded to the Cloud.  My opinion is that people with more "esoteric" music collections are having a bigger problem with this than others.  In fact, if someone has an entire music library of purchased and matched music they will have NEVER encountered this problem.


    I don't know why this problem seemed to arise with Mt. Lion in November for some.  I would have thought that if anything, we would have seen some quirky behavior in iTunes Match when it was recently overhauled in the latest iOS update.  Of course, that is the silver lining in all this...IMO.  That update returned iTunes Match to a level of functionality that brought great joy to many users of the service.  I mention that because I am convinced that Apple made this change to ITM because of another forum



    where many, many forum members did just what I am suggesting here.  We banded together and sent an incredible amount of feedback to Apple requesting they return functionalities to iTunes Match they had removed in iOS 6.0.


    These things can take a while.  But they can work if we all pull on the rope in the same direction.


    OK, enough for the pep talk.


    Best regards, Mr. Luigi


    P.S.  Here's that feedback link again:


  • robert pfile Level 2 (155 points)

    hi i think you mean "uploaded to the Cloud", not "downloaded to the Cloud".


    don't bet on apple ever fixing this, it's been a problem for months and months and it still exists. just limit your upload bandwidth one way or another and it should work ok.

  • Mr. Luigi Level 1 (10 points)

    Hi robert pfile!  **** are right.  My window of opportunity to edit that boo boo has passed.  So, thanks for the correction.  Yes, I meant UPLOADED to the Cloud!  I'm an idiot. :-)


    Oh, Apple will fix this problem.  Although perhaps not in a time frame that will please many. :-)  It's either that or chuck iTunes Match as this is not a situation that can co-exist with the program long term.  And I do think feedback does speed up the process.  Why?  Because it is in Apples's selfish interest to polish iTunes Match to a higher luster.  IMO, it is one of the more innovative offerings they have put on the table in a long while.  It would be silly on their part to not make it better when folks make it so clear to them how to do that.  With their new iOS leadership it will be interesting to see how this plays out.


    Regarding the limit on bandwidth...I agree, that seems to be a workaround to solves the problem for many...but not all.  For example, as jurneeka said;


    "Oh and an update - after downloading the program mentioned above and changing my upload speed, I have managed to get 5 of the 12 songs I wanted uploaded to Match, but it's taken at least 20-30 attempts so far."


    And as jureeka said, this fix often requires the downloading of a 3rd party application.  (It would for me as I own a Time Capsule (4th gen).  That is just not an acceptable long term solution.


    And not to beat a dead horse, but it only took me only about 2 minutes to fill out that feedback request.  So, 2 minutes is all one has to lose by following that strategy.


    Cheers!  Mr. Luigi

  • jurneeka Level 1 (0 points) quoted me! I feel so tech-y now.


    It is working a little better, but still taking multiple tries to upload files which didn't originate from iTunes...not sure if its the aforementioned software (still feeling not-comfy about that) or an update that fixed it.

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    Make sure you set the allowed upload bandwidth low enough. I set mine to 500 kBits - uploads are slow but they never choke. I gear down only for this purpose - remove the restriction as soon as everything's up.

  • TD1001 Level 1 (0 points)

    I filled out the feedback form. Yes, it was only 2 minutes. Less time than I spend waiting to see if one song will upload!

  • Mr. Luigi Level 1 (10 points)

    Ahhhhh!  Indeed jurneeka, you are now famous.  Life as you knew it will never be the same. :-)


    Glad to hear you are seeing some improvement in your uploading.  TD1001 suggests some pretty impressively low upload specs.  But, if that works, then it works!  If you haven't gone that low yet, you might give it a try with that scary software you installed.  Yep, if I was you, I'd follow TD1001's lead.  He seems like a savvy tech person with a fine sense of humor.


    As for me, for some crazy reason I can upload any music with no problems from my school.  No throttling via any 3rd party software at all.  I have no idea why it works, but it works!


    So, my own personal strategy now is to upload at school (once classes are over of course!) whenever I'm dealing with music that looks like it might give me hassles.


    If anyone from our IT department is reading this, I am the Mr. Luigi who lives Suva, Fiji.  Yes, that sounds about right.