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I don't know if I've missed something (so confirmation would be useful) or if I'm doing something wrong but it seems to me that the way Safari's new Unified Search bar works is to keep the search criteria in the address bar until on a website. As Google search results contain the search term itself, in it's dedicated search field, why is the URL bar then not free to represent the URL criteria for the search page.


I am not sure of Google Chrome's behaviour, but I think that the URL of a Google search result can be taken directly from their Unified Search bar (again, confirmation?).


I would at least like to be able to hit the ESC key to reveal the URL from the search criteria, anybody else having this issue?



**However, if I go directly to Google's search webpage and perform a search directly fro mtheir website the URL of that search will, obviously, appear, so there is a workaround**

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