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    I also found the same link on another post. The app works great and is free. No need to downgrade to Lion. I'm using it now on Mountain Lion. Nice little display icon back in my menu bar. Try it!


    Thanks MiG_Tho!

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    Perfect thanks.


    I'm running my iMac out via HDMI through a Denon AV Amp into my telly. The iMac reports the Denon as the display rather than the Telly, and for some reason defaults to 720p and I have to change it to 1080p every time I want to use it. Seems to lose the setting every time the Amp is turned off. 


    Currently I have to goto Displays, Gather Displays, Toggle to scaled, choose 1080p, each time I want to use the Telly to view Plex. This menu will take me back to one click.

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    you should get 10 Points for solving the problem.

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    Worth mentioning that the old & ancient display menulet that popped up in the bar in Lion and previous days DID appear on the first beta versions of the Hillside Cat, only to be expunged (probably for some obscure and unfanthomable reason) in the final version.

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    I'm using Mountain Lion and toggle displays from the keyboard using cmd+F1. Even faster than the old icon for me. Perhaps others need more options.

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    I am a graphic/Web designer. I have been on Macs since 1987 and owned about 15 of them. I test Websites and change resolutions on a regular basis. I have to. Now it is a pain in the rear to have to go to the Systems Preferences to change resolutions. I believe in making things simpler for the run of the mill user, but you have a faithful clientele of thousands of industry people who depend on these computers too. This is our work horse. At lease give us a choice of wether we want the dumbed down version or not. It is the same with the library folder. I need constant access to that too. Come on... give us a choice: Smart or dumb... let us choose. Thanks

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    Dear pachi1951,


    Have you tried the solution shared by another member in the thread earlier. It solved this issue for me. You may find it useful.

    See this.


    They took away my displays menu, but I got it back.



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    Installed display menu, and I guess that works, but why would Apple remove this?  I'm so confused and upset about this "Upgrade".  Seriously, I paid $20 for a growl clone, facebook button, and removing a feature I used all the time, how is this better? 


    I wish I could go back to snow leopard, I am not buying anymore mac hardware once this laptop dies, rather get a nice pc laptop(for half the price) and run ubuntu than deal with the dumbing down of a beautiful operating system to meet the intelligent level of ios users.

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    I posted earlier about an apple script I had made. Obviously many of you emailed me and others are frustrated. I have found a much better solution then my AppleScript. Even tho I was in the process of building one that did basically what this app does. This app is free mine was intended to be so I will not be continuing the project. Please see the link below.



    I hope tho I sent my script got good use out of it.


    My script installed files of which I disclosed to you. You can simply delete those if you do not intend to use it. If enough of you do not know what those files were or how to get to them based on the info below I may write an AppleScript to delete them for you. Otherwise file locations are below.


    Files installed with my Display Preferances script

    "Open Display Prefs.scpt" in ~/Library/Scripts


    Files installed in my Set Resolution Script

    "scrutil" in /usr/bin "SetResolution.scpt" in ~/Library/Scripts


    Also I turned on the AppleScript menu option. You can disable this in the AppleScript application preferences.




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    I just bought a Retina Macbook today. I can't believe the option to have the display icon in the menu bar has been removed in Mountain Lion. I also see the option to see the time left on the battery is gone. What else is missing? I expect an upgrade to make things better not remove useful features.


    Luckily there's the Display Menu app. But it's annoying to have to run extra processes to compensate for features that used be part of the OS.

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    For me, Display Mirroring has been discontinued!!


    Consider my delimma.  I have a 17 inch (now no longer available to anyone) mid 2009 MacBook Pro running 10.8.2.  This machine, with a Core Duo, has a number of benefits that I like.  You can turn off high performance graphics from the power mgmt panel and as a result, I can stop the machine's fan from roaring like a jet turbine if I am just doing development work.


    The other day I dug out and then attached my display adapter to my large external monitor only to see that monitor say "Check signal cable".  Has plain old Display mirroring been replaced by Airport Display Mirroring which needs special hardware support not availeble to four year old machines ?


    Let the buyer beware?


    I moved to lion in order to keep up with the new Xcode.  The new Xcode has problems with maintaining preferences.   Builds which fail from within Xcode work from command line with 'xcodebuild'.  And since Xcode "6" is already out in prerelease for that $100 developer fee (Apple really needs to weasel out another 100 bucks out of our hide, doesn't it?) I doubt that Xcode "5" is going to be fixed.


    Can anybody tell me which version of OS X I have to return to in order to be able to pick up display mirroring?  And then, which is the latest supported version of Xcode that will run that OS?


    And does anybody think it unfair of Apple to release new OS's without explicitly detailing which generations of macbooks will have important features rendered null and void?  And because Apple wants to sell APPLE TV and wants to sell IPHONE after IPHONE, was it really impossible to maintain both Display Mirroring and Airport Display Mirroring?   And of course the Apple TV way of encoding it's data stream means that it won't work with anything else than an Apple product.  And, do I really want to move up to a new Mac so that I can have facebook and Iphone interactivity?  And of course, we can't stay with old releases of OS X because it is too difficult for everyone else to maintain so many versions of their products.  The other day, on my wife's laptop, Firefox told her that it was no longer supporting her version of OS X.

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    Partial solution ...



    I'm using my Mac at work, and I have a second session, only dedicated for that (non admin ...)


    I discovered last Friday during a presentation that the icon was available in the menu bar in this session.


    Interesting ...

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    A second session?  Do you mean that you have more than one user accounts on your mac, and when you log in as the user without ADMIN privs that the Display icon returns?

  • jeanphicrosoft Level 1 (30 points)

    absolutely !


    >> One admin session created during OSX installation synchronized with my iCloud account.


    >> A second session, non-admin, created for my job, without iCloud account, but synchronized with Gmail stuff ... and here, when I have plugged an external monitor, the icon appeared and it worked perfectly !


    Few months ago, it worked also immediatly on previous 10.8 installations, and it suddenly dissapeared after a new installation.


    But try to start manualy available in /System/Libraries/Core services/Menu extra/ ...


    When you double-click on,something very fugitive happens in the menu bar, the icon appears, but dissapears immediatly after !



    Thus for me, this is not related to the model we have, but this is a real bug ... it could be interesting maybe to create a new admin session and destroy the previous one and see what happen then ... but this becomes complicated and a real constraint.

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    When I open my Displays in System Preferences (as in the picture above) I do not have the Airplay mirroring option. It simply doesn't exist. I am running Mountain Lion 10.8 and connected to the same Wifi. Why is this?