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I have wifi at home and had been able to use the iPad on wifi no problems. Today it stopped working, that is, it shows that it IS connected via wifi with good signal strength but when I try to use safari or email neither works.  If I turn off wifi and revert to the 3G card then I have access.


I have already tried:  complete reboot ( several times)

Forgetting and then restoring the wifi connection

Renewing the license

Changing the proxy from 'off' to 'manual' (and then back to off when it didn't work)


Obviously none of these things worked and the wifi is working fine on other devices


Two questions:

Is there anything else I can try?

IF I try the Settings >General > Reset Network setting - will that impact on my 3G?  I am a bit worried that if I try this option it might not fix the wifi issue and I might lose my 3G connection.


Thanks in advance

iPad 2