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  • vbreugel Level 1 Level 1

    When I add the aggregate link, it automatically removes Ethernet 1 and 2.

  • rspeiser Level 1 Level 1

    Yup here too. Moving from 10.6.8 to 10.8.2 broke the aggregation, and we notice when we do the def'n the two ethernet links disappear.

  • mart30lon Level 1 Level 1

    It shouldn't take a company over 4 months to fix a feature as essential as lacp. The writings on the wall... Apple couldn't care less about pro users anymore! And why do the enterprise guys always play dumb! If you won't accept your mistakes you can never fix them! Drop the arrogance Apple and remember your users!!!!

  • Inquisitor-LSL Level 1 Level 1



    Good Day.


    When I started this thread some months back, I had thought by now Apple would have solved it....WRONG.


    So after more than 3,600 views of this thread (thank you all) and 802.3ad network aggregation still broke, I'd be interested by what everyone has done, Have you just lived with it?, Restored back to Lion or Leopard?, or something different?


    @ mart30lon, Agree.


    I'm kinda wondering where the support for our OS and us 'Pro Users' will go in the future.


    For sure Apple has realised it doesn't have the capabilities anymore to maintain it's custom Java distro, so have aligned with Oracle (SUN) Java, one would hope Apple users will now have the same Java build security as our Windoze fellows, but is this solely due to all their resources being dedicated to iOS? ? ? ? ?


    On one side i'm hoping (Still have some faith in Apple) that the mercurial Jon Ive is let loose to cast his hands upon the MAC PRO and give us all something special in an update (SATA 3 would be a real good place to start, USB 3, Lightning, Thunerbolt, Blueray, 2Gb+ GPU cards etc etc), and such features can be offered and retrofitted to existing MAC PRO.


    Then i'm wondering if we'll simply be left, discarded to all become enthusiast's......Errrr isn't that how Apple grew, like back in the 80's, a dedicated user base that draw attention to Apple??? And we are???


    So, are we going full circle................Evolution, or simple backwards.................Extinction.

  • MoserOne Level 1 Level 1

    My daly restart workflow looks like this:


    Boot> Turn on Wifi> Open browser> go to my Switch config website> deleting the TRUNK's> Sytem Pref> deleting the bond> adding Ethernet 1> adding Ethernet 2> applying settings> waiting for green lights> back to my switch config page> adding a new Trunk> back to system pref.> adding the new bond>back to my switch config page> adding the correct ports to the new created trunk>applying settings> back to system pref.> applying settings> waiting for the green light> D O N E ! Thanks to apple, I'm pretty fast doing this now!

    The other option is to press the alt key while startup and boot windows.

  • Lawrence Jameson Level 1 Level 1

    Inquisitor-LSL / MoserOne, This is ridiculous! Yes that's exactly what I did for a bit. Then I restored an image of 10.6. Sort of unhappy with Apple right now...

  • Inquisitor-LSL Level 1 Level 1

    @ Lawrence, yep you're not wrong, maybe we should take Class action for misrepresentation/defective feature?


    Went back to Lion, just works

  • mart30lon Level 1 Level 1

    It's not a subtle point Apple are making, They are all about the $$$'s now...


    Why else would you offer things like an inferior maps app to your customers just because you are having a petty dispute with Google? Who cares about what customers want right! These guys are suckers...


    Why would you leave ethernet drivers out of a major os build? Who needs ethernet now? We're all about wireless!


    Why would you forget to implement LACP then not rectify it within months of the known bug? LACP... What's that? (Direct qoute from an enterprise Applecare assistant)


    Why would you introduce your own version of smb which doesn't actually allow you to talk to windows machines? Why do you need to connect to windows? You should be a mac only studio... Or pay us £600 a year for cross platform network support...


    Why would you make such bad design decisions like the Calender and Address book apps looking like something fresh out of Sesame street!!!! Because.... And I hate to say this... Americans simply dont get design!


    They have absolutely no interest in pro users, that's a fact that we just all need to accept and move on.


    I don't actually bother complaining to Apple anymore, instead I have started lobbying Adobe to release their CS suite on linux so I get just get the **** off osX.... Everything else I need has already been ported...

  • mart30lon Level 1 Level 1

    Forgot to mention the fault in the Quicktime API which stops macs from rendering movie files bigger than 2.15gb over an afp connection!!! That's a mac not being able to render an apple codec over an apple network language!!! Windows machines have no problem...


    What a massive bunch of toss bags....

  • mart30lon Level 1 Level 1

    Been broken since 2009.... Render locally... Then copy manually... Twonks....

  • Brian Covalt Level 1 Level 1

    You have a point about linux.  When I worked at a larger studio we were all on linux and it was a pretty good experience. 

    It's hard to let go of OS X though.. it is solid.

    Though, I did recently install Windows 8 via Parallels and it's getting better.  Still hate file nav though.


    At my small studio (about 12 machines), I've kept all machines on Lion except my personal machine, which I "upgraded" to Mtn. Lion.  I still use Link Aggregation - I just don't restart very often, and when I do, the first thing I do is go to System Prefs and reset it up.

    *****, but I think it's the way it's gonna be.

    Still wondering if Apple will stick to their word and release a pro machine in early 2013 as they promised a few months ago.. 

    If not, I'll buy my first windows machine for the studio and see how it plays.


    Can't expect the glory days to live forever I suppose.

  • mart30lon Level 1 Level 1

    Good points Brian, but I wouldn't switch to windows unless you want to do IT support full time and never see the sun again...


    All our workstaions are currently os x ML but our render boxes are windows 7... Nothing but a pain in the butt... Constant network issues... Constant firewall issues...


    Linux is the future for pro users, shame the software guys are slow on the uptake!

  • Inquisitor-LSL Level 1 Level 1

    @ Brian Covalt, Was on Win workstations and servers for 8 years, then defected to OS X and MAC PRO and in the main love the experience, but yes it's starting to put a sour taste in my mouth after the investment i've made and the lacklustre response from Apple, and let's not forget what Lion was like when it first hit the streets especially Lion Server (Just DROSS).


    @ mart30lon, 'Sesame street' = Great!, Chuckle Chuckle, ROFL


    All jump ship to Ubuntu?


    I've run a LTS version via a VM for some 9 months now, most of my work is engineering analysis based, my code can be ported (Fortran, C++) and many of the software tools I use on OS X either have Linux versions or are in the pipeline and in any regards could always run a VM of OS X over Ubuntu.


    Ubuntu Server has Apache web server, Dovecote mail server, does SMB, NFS etc and can support AFP. I've heard Ubuntu on a MAC PRO 5.1 boots with bonded ethernet pretty reliably, runs fast, so maybe a possible future step if Apple don't come to the party with OS X.

  • mart30lon Level 1 Level 1

    I would love to switch by until Adobe pull their finger out I can't....

  • cosmo88 Level 1 Level 1

    Hello everyone, good/bad to see I wasn't the only one with this problem. Does this mean that Link Aggregation all together is not working or only that the settings do not hold up upon restart? Today my new Cisco 2008T switch came in and I was eager to setup and after fittling with the wonderful web based switch software finally got a bond to go green, but soon descovered that I couldn't click the hardware tab to enable jumbo frames on our 10.8.2 client. Again as discussed this was not a problem on our Lion server. Using blackmagic speed test I was unable to break the 110 MB/s to our network drive showing similair preformance of just one ethernet port as shown in the screen grab below. Have other users experienced this issue or do you have aggregaited speeds with only the restart issue. I am simply wondering if I may have a setup problem, because the documentation on the subject is limited. I was expecting to see speeds in the 200-220 MB/s did I do something wrong? Also our raid 50 server is connected via 2 esatas and gets read/writes up to 400 MB/s on the server, so it is definately not a speed problem. Both Mac Pros are Connected via two Cat 6 cables to the new switch. Thoughts?


    Screen Shot 2012-11-14 at 8.04.36 PM.png


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