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Good Day.


Since upgrading to OS X Mountain Lion I've experienced some unexpected networking issues.


Unlike others reporting in this forum that they are unable to achieve 802.3ad Network Link Aggregation, I do not have this issue.


However when I shutdown or restart the 802.3ad Network Link Aggregation (bond) is physically lost, although the settings remain.


To get the 802.3ad Network Link Aggregation link working again, first I need to delete the bond, add back each ethernet, then set up the 802.3ad Network Link Aggregation bond again, afterwhich the bond works just fine until shutdown or restart.


*I'm using a TP-LINK TL-SG3216 (JetStream L2 Managed Switch) + Cat 6 Ethernet cables. Physical setup and Switch has not changed*


This is not an ideal situation, and for the long term having to go through this procedure everyday will become tedious.


One other observations, with the 802.3ad Network Link Aggregation bond made and working, within the advance tab, the Hardware Tab is greyed out. Previously in OS X Lion this was not the case and this part of the advance tab feature could be used to set frame sizes.


Any thoughts or assistance to obtaining a 802.3ad Network Link Aggregation bond that remains after shutdown or restart would be highly welcomed.


Thanks in advance.




P.S. Apple......Thanks for OS X Mountain Lion, some nice bits, but alas needs some attention to overcome various operational issues. Our other Mac Pro's are firmly staying on OS X Lion & OS X Lion Server until Mountain Lion gets the fixes that Mac Pro community needs, especially those whom use Mac Pro to earn a living.

Mac Pro (Mid 2010), OS X Mountain Lion, Mountain Lion 802.3ad Network Link
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