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    I think the perceived delay theory is correct. If you hit the back button rather than swiping back you spend an equivalent amount of time staring at the current page as the page you are going back to reloads in the background. However, what I cannot understand is why, if Safari has always worked like this, has it only recently become apparent (in my case within the last couple of weeks)? I've changed nothing, which tends to suggest someone else has. It seems likely that an update has caused the change. I wish I could change it back. It is SO annoying.


    I do not think I shall be reinstalling the OS. The last time I contacted Apple about a problem was when I bought this iMac and found it had the problem, widely reported in this forum at the time, where the screen tended towards yellow on one side. In their usual helpful way they denied all knowledge and told me that the best solution would be to reload the OS. Of course this would have done no good. Obfuscation seems to be standard practice at Apple customer care and I do not think I shall be buying Apple again.

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    Posting +1 for how annoying this is. I higher prefer Safari in all other aspects but really considering a swap to Firefox just to avoid this one issue :>

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    This was happening to me also. Came here, looked at the first page for solutions. Didn't help.

    Even though I have no extensions installed, this worked for me:


    Safari - Preferences - Extensions - Set to off OFF


    Weirdly, now even if i set it to ON again, the reloading doesn't happen.


    Now when I slide back, the page doesn't reload! And to think that its been 6 months that I've had this Mac and

    kept up with the reloading

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    Is this Bug with Safari 8 (OsX 10.10) fixed?

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    I have the same issue. This is funny, but when I was reading this page I wasn't logged in and when I did it and pressed back button (using track pad) the page was reloaded, but "guest" user was still shown at the top till i pressed "refresh". Looks like reload partially works from cache and partially from the Internet...

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    What a ******** unaddressed situation. right I am sitting here on my 6 year old PC, surfing the net is 100 times better and a breeze compared to safari on my 6 months old MacBook pro.


    Apple start listening to customers. Make safari flip right back to the previous page like explorer, Mozilla and chrome already do!


    I have no problem going right back to windows if this kind of unpardonable issues are being unaddressed by a company commanding that much money for products which do not deliver.

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    I'm afraid it isn't. None of the remedies mentioned in this thread work for me (although the Debug menu isn't quite what it used to be and has different options in it). Combine this with the lack of favicons in the Favorites bar—I have a site's favicon and no text there if I can; quicker to recognise and can fit more in—along with the bizarre address bar URL field, where any attempt to click on the URL and edit it makes it jump from centre justification to left justification, so you have to keep clicking all over the place to insert your cursor, and the fact that the current version of Firefox is dramaticcally faster than Safari, and it seems fairly obvious what you should do....



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