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I'm reinstalling this gawd awful beta of an OS on my iMac yet again because I can only hope it was a bad install.  iTunes has audio stream issues, cursor jumps on screen, don't even try and multitask with sharing windows on another computer through share screen.  My amazing iMac is reduced to a stuttering mess now.  And apple is being mum on the details.  One of apple's 3500 dollar computers that I still the top of the line shouldn't perform like a 5 year old machine.   I even have a SSD.   Absolute disappointment.   Here's hoping a reinstall is worthwhile. 


Others getting any difference by reinstalling?

27" i7 2.93 iMac, 17" MBP 2.93, 13" MBA 2.13, 2 24" ACD's, 2.26 Mini, Mac OS X (10.6.6), 2 32 gig iPhone 4s, 2 64 gig 3g iPad 2, 2 1TB ATC's
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    ML has no performance problems on my i7 iMac. So I'd first suspect incompatible software (particularly a hardware driver) or corrupted files which were aggravated by the upgrade. I'd definitely suggest reinstalling, probably as a new install on an empty drive, and then reinstalling your applications and peripheral drivers - after confirming that they're compatible with ML, of course - and your documents.



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    The only problem I had with ML was as a result of a third party App (Sophos). Once uninstalled and a fresh install of 10.8 it's running as sweet as anything.


    No issues (so far)


    This is no Vista.


    You say you're running on SSD.


    Check your SSD firmware is compatible. There was another thread on here, someone having issues with SSD install that had previously worked fine with 10.7 installed, but the SSD didn't like 10.8

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    I'm having different problems, my macbook pro just keeps black screening and rebooting. I've seen several other people having the same problem and the only response from Apple I've seen so far is to do a recovery install. From the stack trace it appears to be video card related. I've re-installed twice and am still seeing the problem. Hope you have better luck. So far I'm thinking Mountain Lion was neglected in QA.

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    If you are having a different problem, you really should start your own thread for it so that it gets the attention it deserves.



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    Just want to say that my ML install went without any trouble on a old MBP late-2007.


    But Apple is reporting 3M of upgrade in the first 4days (which is the most in Apple history), therefore, in perspective I would state that your issue isn't generalized but an exception.


    Looking at the forum, I saw a few having issues like always and that's unfortunate.  But keep in mind that user coming here aren't those without issue.


    I may be old school but, when an upgrade generate multiple issues for who-knows-why, I'll rather do a clean install right now instead of loosing time and get frustrated.  Your new computer should work fine with ML.  If you don't get answers to your post, make a bootable drive (DVD or USB drive) with ML and perform an erase & install.

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    In fairness to Apple, the demand for Mountain Lion was huge, so it is possible that some corruption took place during the downloading process.


    It would be worth a fresh install by the OP.


    You don't give your MBP specs. Is it a dual GPU model?

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    "Mountain Lion must be Apples Vista".


    I thought that's what they were saying about Lion?

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    woodmeister50 wrote:


    "Mountain Lion must be Apples Vista".


    I thought that's what they were saying about Lion?

    Love it how people spout that nonsense out when they experience problems. The OP obviously had either a bad installation or issues with 3rd party software. ML is a solid release.

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    I salute to you sir. You truly admire Apple. (Absolutely no sarcasm)

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    I have repaired the permissions and reinstalled the operating system.  Evidently in another post on here the 12.1 12.2 iMacs are all experiencing many of the same issues I am.  Choppy performance, audio issues, and other ransoms. 


    I'm not running anything third party as of yet and still it's doing it.  This issue is between the iMac and ML.  If your system is rock solid, then I envy you.   Hardware check is also saying it's ok.  It comes back to Apple not doing effective QA. 

  • BarrettF77 Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)

    Also, I am on a mid 2011 iMac with 3.4 i7 256ssd/2tb HDD, 16 gigs apple ram, and it has only one video card in a iMac and it's the 2gb ati 6970. 

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    As I mention above, have you try a clean install to see how it goes or you simply perform a reinstall over the faulity system?


    As long as you have your TimeMachine backup, you have nothing to loose. I've done a clean install in less time you took complaining about Apple's quality.  Until you try this, you cannot state for sure that you issue is between your iMac and ML.


    We are all agree that when something goes wrong during a OS update, it is frustrating.   Again, if 3millions copy were already sold last week, I would assume that your issue isn't generalized and that you are facing an exception.


    Again, I don't want to minimize your deception but at this point, try this process:


    Remember, there always a risk in upgrading an OS.  That's why we need backup and that's also why some will wait a first upgrade to reduce the risk.

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    I'm running a 12,2 iMac 2.7GHZ i5 1TB HDD with 8GB Apple RAM + 8GB Crucial RAM (16GB Total) with no issues

  • BarrettF77 Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)

    A clean install didn't yield any results.

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