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My shuffle 4th gen. has a playlist on which a song appears more than one time.  It will play the song the first time but then skips over it each time it appears of the playlist.  Other songs are played in order.  I restored the shuffle to factory settings and reinstalled the playlist, but the problem remains the same.  Any suggestions before I take it back and complain?

iPod shuffle, Windows 7
  • Kenichi Watanabe Level 7 (32,862 points)

    The 4th gen shuffle can have one or more playlists.  If you are playing the songs from the All Songs list on the shuffle, you are NOT using a particular playlist.  In the All Songs list, songs that appear multiple times on one or more playlists will only play once.


    To change playlists on the 4th gen shuffle, you use the VoiceOver button.  Press and hold the button.  This article has more information about using VoiceOver on a 4th gen shuffle.




    If you want the shuffle to play a playlist in playlist order, make sure you are playing that playlist on the shuffle AND you have its power switch set to the "middle" (play in order) setting.

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    to Kenichi Watanabe,

    Thanks for the advice, but I have not made my problem clear.  There is only 1 playlist on the shuffle.  Doesn't that mean that the all Songs list does not apply?  Also, please note that all the songs do play in playlist order,  The problem is that the repeated song is skipped over after the first play.  Thanks for you prompt reply.

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    No.  Even if there is only ONE playlist on the shuffle, the All Songs list is separate from the playlist. 

    Also, please note that all the songs do play in playlist order

    Well, if it is only playing songs listed twice in the playlist once, then it is NOT playing in playlist order.


    Have you tried using the VoiceOver button to switch from the All songs list to the playlist (as previously mentioned)?

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    to: Kenichi Watanabe,

      It was the all songs function.  I was able to (finally) figure out how to get out of it and the shuffle now seems OK.  Thank you very much for your patience.