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Hi I had to reformat my hard drive. But before doing this I noticed that Safari's favorite site were listed on the bar (pictured below). Sites such as facebook, twitter etc where on that bar. it disappeared. How do I bring it back again?


Screen Shot 2012-07-31 at 9.40.26 AM.png


A sample would be this one. Apple Yahoo Googlemaps Youtube are listed on the bar. For some reason mine disappeared.

OS X Mountain Lion
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    Safari > View

    Select "Show Bookmarks Bar" if that option is available.


    For more info:http://support.apple.com/kb/PH4987

    This article refers to Lion but it may be same for Mountain Lion.


    May be you have to add bookmarks to Bookmarks Bar manually again.



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    I don't know man it only happened today. I had to reinstall osx mountain lion twice. then i noticed that the those bookmarks were missing. Normally they would be already included on the bar

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    I installed it again. I notice that when I expand safari that's when those sites disappear. It just only happened today. In my previous install. This was working properly.

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    I too have that very same issue. The interesting thing is that I had experience this issue since the developer preview and it was until I got the GM where I had the bookmarks appear. However yesterday, I decided to migrate completely to ML using the release version from the Mac App Store which is the same as the GM and again I had my bookmarks missing. I don't know what could be causing this issue but I do remember disabling Safari's iCloud syncing before opening Safari for the first time.

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    So it's icloud causing this problem?

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    dennis32555 wrote:


    So it's icloud causing this problem?

    I am not sure. The only way to know would be to reinstall OS X Mountain Lion and skip disabling the iCloud Sync feature and see if that somehow imports all the required Safari bookmarks. Since, I just reinstalled OS X Mountain Lion I feel that I would rather add the missing bookmarks myself than going through the whole reinstall process.


    You can however send a bug report via the OS X Mountain Lion Feedback Page Safari Feedback Page



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    Actually Icloud has something to do with it. I just enabled status bar on my ipad and all of these sites came out again.