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Not sure what happened since ML, all the contact photos that I attach to specific contacts get resized to fill the entire frame, rendering them unusable.


This is more serious when one one side of a contact picture is either longer or taller than the other side. The app automatically resizes the picture to fill the frame using the long side, which is ridiculous.


What's the point of the contact picture's zoom slider if it just overrides my zoom levels? This seems to happen immediately after hitting save or getting out of edit mode. Is this an iCloud problem?


Thank goodness it hasn't resized all the previous Contacts I've saved in the app, but I can't edit any of the old contacts anymore. The moment that I touch it, all the pictures will just get resized.

MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion
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    Same problem here. I zoom in and save, but then the image changes to zoomed out after a couple seconds. I tried quitting address book before this zoom out, and watching from the message and mail apps you can see it zoom out anyway. Obviously a bug they need to fix. Previously zoomed in pics from lion are unaffected, atleast as long as I leave them alone.

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    This is really upsetting me too.

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    Hey guys, I just found a workaround. If you have an iPhone (or maybe an iPad) and edit the contact's picture on there, it then will sync via iCloud and push the right picture size to your computer!!


    I'm not hapy that this workaround is needed, but happy that I figured it out.


    Hope this helps for now until it's fixed.

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    Same problem:


    Has anyone figured out how to bypass this bug and force Address Book to to accept my image (picture / photo) cropping as set from within the "edit" photo dialog during an address card entry / edit?


    I previously cropped images for address cards and they would keep their new zoom / crop position but this has stopped working. The cropping holds for a moment after committing the change via "Edit / Done" but then it reverts to 100% about 3 seconds later - and stays that way.


    I have pulled the Address Book plist after restarts and permission repairs but the problem persists - and I can't find another discussion about it on the web or here at the Apple discussions.




    Core 2 Duo + OS X 10.7.3


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    I had the same issue with the Address Book in Lion (10.7).  When I upgraded to Mountain Lion (10.8), it is no longer an issue. 


    It seems that Apple made changes to suit their latest OS & iCloud, but not their previous OS.

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    I am replying to myself because this outdated bulletin board won't allow me to edit posts past 15 minutes.


    New info:


    The cropped or resized image appears correctly on an IOS device after syncing - it's just on the OS X machine where the fault persists.


    I can live with that.


    Too much time spent on  Apple schlock.