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This has been requested and commented on in many past posts .. one of the numerous changes for change sake. How do we get it back??


Consequence?  Now once a file is "saved" it is impossible to change the 'save to' OR locate it.   Spotlight will find it but Not show where it is.


Of course, TextEdit is not a "Full Text Editor" .. but it is sure useful for writing quick letters or notes on 51/2x81/2 .. or it was, when we couold still set the size of paper and margins as we wanted and not what some "genius" who has never worked in the real world thinks it should.


When the Apple juvenile engineers quit tinketing with the OS and just play with the IOS we will be a lot better off.


10.8 is a good example .. anything actually improved??  Not for the Macs, only for the iPhone and ipad afficianados.


And, i have both and use them freqwuently. Some similar but mostly different uses uses altogether.


First Mac, March 1984; second, October 2005. Three since and all were kept curretnas to IS.  After 10.6.8 .. ALL downhill!!

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), Mac OS X (10.7.4)