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I've added several videos (5) to my Pages 09 document that I'm using to export an ePub for an iBook.  I've adjusted each to show a unique poster frame using the Inspector.  After export and sync to my iPad and iPhone, the video placeholders with their poster frames display fine.  However, when I tap any of the videos to play, they all play the content of the first video.


For example, these are the five videos in the order they appear throughout the book (Pages document):


1.) How to shoot

2.) How to change a lens

3.) How to import image files into Aperture

4.) How to apply image adjustments to a photo

5.) How to apply brush adjustments to a photo


Each of these look like the correct video because the poster frame shows the correct content.  But when I tap to any of the five, the video that plays is the first, How To Shoot.


I've tried different methods of adding the videos (dragging, using the Media panel, using Insert from the menu), different video file types (.m4v - which I used in my multitouch textbook with iBooks Author), .mov), different dimensions on the pages, spreading the videos out over several chapters (to avoid any size limits as there are with images), using poster frames and not using poster frames, etc.  Nothing seems to work.


What's more frustrating is I've spent the better part of the day searching to web, only to find I seem to be the only one experiencing this problem.


I didn't know if anyone else has experienced this problem - and if so, what they did to correct it.


Thanks for any help.


MacBook Pro 2009

OS X 10.7.4

Pages 09 4.2 from Apple App Store

iBooks 2 (2.1.1)

iOS 5.1.1 (iPhone 4, iPad 2)

Pages 09 - OS X, Mac OS X (10.7.4)