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  • CharlieLePeu Level 1 Level 1

    I have been learning to use Pages 09 Version 4.3 for producing ePub eBooks with the same and additional problems.


    I found that if I sequentially go to menu and insert/choose 1st a video .m4v file, 2nd another video .m4v file and 3rd an audio .m4a file, DO NOT SAVE THE .PAGES DOCUMENT and go to menu and export ePub, I get an ePub that functions OK in iBooks.  When I checked this file with epubcheck-3.0 ( , I get messages that it is "Validating against EPUB version 2.0" and 'element "video" not allowed anywhere' and 'element "audio" not allowed anywhere'  This is all fine as when I opened the ePub in Sigil ( and checked the content.opf, the <package… version="2.0">.  So Pages 09 produces "enhanced" ePub 2.0 eBooks (video and audio weren't specified in version 2.0).


    However, if I save the same .pages file and go to menu and export ePub, I get an ePub that displays and plays the 1st video correctly, the 2nd video displays the correct poster but plays the 1st video and the 3rd file plays the audio of the first file.  When I unzip this ePub with ePub zip-unzip 2.0.1 ( and look in the media folder, the 1st video file is there but the 2nd video file and the audio file are not there!  So the export to ePub is corrupted by saving the .pages document (though the video and audio files superficially seem to still reside in the pages document).  This defect is reproducible.


    There are other problems, for example if I do not save the .pages file but do significant editing and revising, for example insert and then delete audio or video files or even just text sometimes (quite variable and unreliable), and then export, the ePub is corrupted.


    So, it appears to me that Pages 09 version 4.3 is not able to reliably produce ePub eBooks containing audio or video files.  Does anyone disagree?  Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

  • julianporter5 Level 1 Level 1

    Apple ( did contact me at the beginning of the year asking for my files so that they could reproduce the fault. I was abroad for a few weeks but when I had access to my MAC again, I replied to the email and asked if they still needed the files. This was on the 4th February and I have not had a reply since.  I reported the fault months ago and even had a fault report number (which may be mentioned in the thread above, but I could not get any response as to the progress in getting a resolution. The fault report seemed to have a been closed at one point when I asked for an update.  I actually don't understand the problem reporting and tracking process within Apple. It would be great if the process was published somewhere, so it was clear that the fault report had not just fallen into a black hole. I think that the iWork team contacted me because of this discussion in the forum, not because I raised it as a problem with Apple directly. Once I had a work around and was able to publish my book, I stopped worrying about how Apple deal with problem reports, life is too short!!

  • Sam-at-Ecotrust Level 1 Level 1

    I confirm CharlieLePeu's report.

  • Sam-at-Ecotrust Level 1 Level 1

    I posted a similar but different thread here

  • julianporter5 Level 1 Level 1

    I looked at your link and wondered why you had not used Pages 4.2? It was at the change from 4.2 to 4.3 that the problem of only having the first video appeared. It's really inconvenient but the work around above does work.

  • Sam-at-Ecotrust Level 1 Level 1

    Are you suggesting the work around is the "do not save" technique?


    Our book has 250+ pages, 100+ photos and 15+ videos, so that work around is too far for me.


    I'm not sure how to roll back a Mac Store application, but will look into it. Thanks.

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