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When I upgraded from Snow Leapard to Lion I was very impressed that the icon sizes in the File->Open dialog boxes varied in size (per folder) on how you viewed them in Finder. For example, I would set my Finder Pictures folders and contents to a larger icon size to see them easier, then when I would open Photoshop and use the File->Open menu option, the icons would be the same size as how I viewed them in Finder.  It was beneficial to have a larger icon to view pictures when I would use File-> Open in Photoshop to select a photo. Since I have upgraded to Mountain Lion, it seems this feature has gone away?? It went back to the way it was with Snow Leapard. All icons are really small no matter how you view them in Finder.


Is there a way to change the icon sizes in the Open/Save dialog boxes to be larger in Mountain Lion? Possibly using the command prompt? Please help?!

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion