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Hi Guys & Gals,


Really need yr help on this issue. Even the tech support could not resolve tis issue.


I have a Samsung Galaxy Note and it cannot be sync to my macbook pro running on Mountain Lion Ver 10.8 OS. I have updated its Kies and even used the older ver of the Kies App, and still could not update my Galaxy Note to my mac. With the older ver of the Kies, it could be updated but ever since the new updates on Kies and samsung website, Mac could not recognise my Galaxy Note.

I have brought my Note to Samsung Tech Support in SIngapore, where i live and asked them to help me. They could not!! But the phone could only be recognised on the Windows software n Windows OS. What I suspect is that Kies may have issues on Mac drivers for Kies app for Mac softwares. Samsung tech support has yet to get back to me on this issue and it has been 2 days. Sigh........

Pls help!!


Thank you

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion
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    As this is a Mobile Phone app and these usually depend on drivers ( kernel extensions, short "KEXTs", the culprit might be exactly that, a icompatible KEXT - although the app seems to run fine, it can't in such a case do for what it was designed.


    Snow and Lion had a 32bit/64bit shared kernel and KEXTs could be either 32bit,64bit or both in order to load on boot-up correctly.


    MountainLion is now fully 64bit exclusive, thus drivers that did the trick in Snow and Lion are now no longer working if they do not have 64bit code embedded. That is also the reason why some specific Mac Models are not supported any longer ( those with 32bit Intel graphic cards )


    If this is the case, which I think it is - then it is up to the 3rd party vendor to act.