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When I try to add a Yahoo calendar account to Mac Calendar, it cannot find calendar servers on "yahoo.com".  My iPhone adds the Yahoo calendar just fine, but Mountain Lion cannot.  What could be the problem?

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    I have the same issue with Calendar app giving me an HTTP 302 error. I did a lot of trouble shooting then called Apple Support. After answering al their question the tech hade me test the issue on my wife's MBA- same issue. The problem has been escalated, but I think it will take a software update to Mountain Lion to fix it.

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    When I try manually adding Yahoo as a CalDAV account, I get my Yahoo calendars to intitally appear with all events, but subsequently only get the following error:


    The request (CalDAVRefreshDelegateListQueueableOperation) for account “Yahoo!” failed.

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    If you go into calendar preference you can uncheck "enable this account" and then wait till yahoo is deleted. Recheck enable and it will update yahoo. However, this seems to be the only way I have found for this to work. It does not seem to want to update automatically. Yahoo has no problems and works fine on iPad and iPhone and in lion, but not mt lion. I sent a help request to yahoo to no avail. Also provided feedback to apple.

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    Sorry miramarbeach,

    All I get with your method is the same HTTP 302 error. Like you, Yahoo!'s calDAV calendar works fine on my iPhone and iPad, but not on my Mountain Lion Calendar. Am I missing something?



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    It will update any changes I have made to the yahoo calendar after I uncheck the enable button and recheck it again. but as I noted, and you are correct, the error will once again appear and will not update automatically. I need to uncheck and recheck the enable box each time. Again, only takes place with mt lion. This is nothing more than a temp solution if you need to update only once or twice a day.  You are correct in that next to the yahoo calendar there is an alert icon indicating the error. But, it has updated the calendar. Now, I did this after first, just one time, deleting and then adding yahoo back in system preferences. Hope this clarifies. No question, the new lion has a problem with yahoo.

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    Unchecking and checking the enable account box partially worked for me. Events on iPhone were pulled to the Mac. But Mac events did not get sent to the iPhone.   Definately a temp solution, though.  Hope Apple fixes in 10.8.1!

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    Mine also has the exact same issue. Icloud syncs everything but ical on mac will not. Server responded with an error.  This is becoming a real pain and not at all convenient.  Has anyone actually has success with this issue since the begininng of this month?

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    Wow, this still isn't fixed in 10.8.1!

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    I have the same problem - neither calendar or contacts work between yahoo and my mac book pro. When trying to set up the calendar it searches for an account on the yahoo.com server, when my account is with .co.uk - could that make a difference? Hurry up and fix this please Apple!

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    I think this is actually a Yahoo! problem.  I gave up on Yahoo Calendar on my Snow Leopard and Lion installs because it would only sync very, very seldom; most of the time I just got an error message.  Now I use Fruux, and I'm much happier (cue cheesy grin and cheery jingle), if for no other reason than Yahoo! offer absolutely no support for that particular product, and simply direct you to the user forums for help.

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    Just adding a little more information. I'm having the same issue. This was the error I first had.


    The request (CalDAVRefreshDelegateListQueueableOperation) for account “Yahoo” failed.


    I tried deleting the Yahoo account from Cal and then adding back the Yahoo Calendar. The calendar got reloaded properly, but a new error appeared. Now I get this error


    The request for account “Yahoo!” failed. The server responded with “502” to operation CalDAVAccountRefreshQueueableOperation.


    Hope they fix it. I'm still under the Apple Care so I'll try giving them a call this week.


    Another note: Google Calendar seems to sync fine.