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With the install of Aperture 3.3.2  I was finally able to upgrade my 350,000+ Library. All seemed well until I started trying to work with my images. When going from one image to another or trying to do ANYTHING I would get the beachball of death. Contsantly, could not get rid of it. Opened Activity Window and low and behold it was procesing 200,000+ thumbnails. The first time I saw this the progress was a thumbnail about every 10 seconds which seemed way slow. So I rebooted. Upon restaart the Thumnail process took off like a rocket. I let the process go for 4-5 hours, it finished. I thought all was good and now I could work.  I restarted my machine to just get everything back in order and the whole process began again. Beach ball of death, Open activiuty window, 200.000+ thumbnails processing at a snaliles pace. force quit, reboot. Aperture opens and the thumbnails take off like a rocket again. I wait for the proces to finish via th Activity Wondow. I shut down for the night. Next morning I start Aperture thinkin I'm back in busnienss. No such luck, the whole process starts again. Same number of thumnails etc. My machine and Aperture is unuseable in this state. Anyone else see this behaviour? Very frustrated.

Mac OS X (10.6.7)