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Hi fellow Mac users!


I just upgraded to Mountain Lion from Snow Leopard and I am loving it! It really is an amazing OS. Anyway, my problem is that I still have Snow Leopard on another volume, and when I go to the Mac App Store from Mountain Lion, it thinks I need to upgrade iMovie and iPhoto because they are installed on my Snow Leopard volume. I don't want to completely erase my Snow Leopard volume yet as there still might be things I need to transfer from there. For now I am just ejecting the Snow Leopard volume from the Finder every time I start up Mountain Lion. But is there another way around it?


Also, I'm not able to install some apps onto the Mountain Lion volume because they are already on my Snow Leopard volume, so the Mac App Store doesn't give me the option to install it. It just says, "Downloaded." So again, I have to eject the Snow Leopard volume in order to install the apps. I guess it's not a big deal. I just wanted to see if anyone has another way around this problem and to also make people aware of the issue. So any thoughts on the matter would be much appreciated.





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