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  • SeaBeast Level 4 Level 4 (2,870 points)

    Thanks for this notice Roger, I wasn't aware.


    I guess will be some kind of alias like was to  As for the issue described here, it doesn't change much as it will be still a single account.


    I just read your previous answer to ixxxion and I do agree that it seems to be an issue related to having 2 distinct account.

  • ATHiker95 Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)


    Maybe you can help me. In Mail/Contacts/Calendars, I deleted my old Mobile Me account, because I never used it for anything, or should I say, nothing I had there was important. I deleted it because I was hoping that when I went to System Preferences and clicked on iCloud that it would no longer say it was trying to move my existing mobile me account to iCloud, but alas, it still says that.  So do I just select that and plow ahead?  I use my Apple ID for iTunes and plan on using that for iCloud.  What's going to happen when I plow ahead with moving those old mobile me accounts?  And since those accounts have been discontinued, if it tries to give me that old acct and asks for a Password, I assume it won't work, because mobile me doesn't exist anymore.  Either that or it will reject what I believe is my mobile me password.


    Also when I go to and try to enter my address (my Apple ID) and password, it says check my email for a verification notice, but that never comes.  Same for my iPad when I try to do something with iCloud there.


    Getting quite mystified.




  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 Level 9 (72,410 points)

    Did you migrate your MobileMe to iCloud before I August?


    If you did, you can sign in with the address and make use of its email and syncing, or, you can sign out and ignore it.


    If you didn't, you can sign into System Preferences>iCloud with the address to reactivate it but you cannot retrieve the previous contents of the account.


    Either way, you can sign out of it and sign into System Preferences>iCloud with another Apple ID, whereupon you will be asked to create a new email address: this will be an address and you cannot use the part before the @ of your MobileMe email address (though you can add that in Mail, Contacts and Calendars to use both of them).


    You should go to , sign in with your ID, and ensure that there is a functional email address associated with it so that you can retrieve verification emails.

  • josty Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Syed Sajjad wrote:


    Guys my question is what if i am using Windows??

    How do I sync my notes with Icloud??

    I have tried iCloud on Windows. You can't sync your Notes, only Mail, Contacts and Calendars and only with MS Outlook. Bookmarks only with IE or Safari for Win. Photostream works fine.

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    It's like ixxxion wrote: You can use all iCloud services with AppleId from @gmail or @yahoo or whatever, but if you want to use iCloud Mail and Notes you have to use as AppleId. As I found out it's not that easy. I registered for and somehow this new account was automatically paired with my AppleId. Now, I can login into, or in appstore with both of my email addresses. Notes and iCloud Mail already sync. However, I still don't understand for what is my address. Most of people use their old email address couple years and these accounts can be perfectly synced via IMAP. So I see the reason of iCloud mail only for people who don't have their email account yet

    So if you want to use Notes with iCloud as me and you don't want to register address as me, you have no choice as me. Simply create some address and you don't have to be worried you will have 2 AppleIDs. These 2 email addresses will be acting as one AppleID. Of course I don't guarantee if it works for different AppleIDs.

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    im so confused. im using my gmail as the apple id and when i goto icloud and activate notes it asks for an apple icloud email so i enter MY icloud email and it says that email is allready taken use another. its my icloud email. what now? does anyone know?

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    Hi Josty


    I had the same problem as you had before. Please see below.

    Go to settings for email and notes. Select the iCloud account in notes and do the same in email via Advanced.

    You don't have to create any new email account such as me, iCloud, etc... If the system asks you to create one,  just cancel the request? If you have registered to iCloud (even the free one), the system will create automatically a me and iCloud email address. This is completely transparent for you.

    Once you have selected the iCloud account in setting email and notes,  open the notes app and go to account and select iCloud as well. If you have created your notes in iCloud account Notes app, this will be synchronized on all your devices, assuming you proceed these setting on the devices you want to synchronize.


    Hope the above help

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    Hi Josty,


    I have exactly the same problem and spoke to the guys in the Apple Store. Basically for notes to be synced into you have to have a account for the notes to be synced through Apples mail program. That means your iPhone must use your account when creating notes if you want them in iCloud. Very annoying i know. I use my gmail account for everything and the notes sync on iphone and mac but don't show in iCloud, (because its gmail and not an Apple mail program.)


    This is the simple way of explaining it. It gets more complicated, as my Apple ID is my gmail address and i sign into iCloud using this. Repeat i sign in using gmail Apple ID. However when you sign up to iCloud you can assign a different email address, so just in case i wanted to use notes in iCloud i setup a account. Now when i click on my name in iCloud it says my Apple ID is my account. I didn't sign in using this, it's just associated with my iCloud, so that notes can sync through Apple mail. The problem is i don't create any notes using the account, as I'm signed into my iPhone with my gmail Apple ID.


    One of Apples "querks"


    I need to go back in to get this fully explained to me again.


    Hope this helps.

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    My issue is this...


    I have an iPad, iPod, MAC, and 2 iPhones.. Ive had all but 1 of these items for several years... I have an Apple ID which was different than my @me account... All of my devices, including my MAC were synced with my @me account... When It transfered to icloud, I had to call customer service because it wouldnt recognize or sync my devices and wanted me to delete... It got fixed... Now I have a new iPhone and everything syncs... Even my notes do but only from my MAC.. When I click on the notes box to turn it on, it asks for my @iCloud account... But my iCloud account is the same as my @me account and its saying I cannot use that account because it's already taken... Yea, by me... I looked at all my other devices and they still say @me while the new device wants @iCloud... How am I supposed to synce all my stuff when it's telling me I cannot use my own email... If I change my email on my other devices, it tells me it will delete all my photos and stuff saved in icloud....

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