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  • WorkerBee Level 1 (20 points)

    This is an old bug that keeps coming up.  This time, I had just updated to iOS7.04 on my iPhone and I'm still on MacOS10.8.5 on my Mac mini.  The calendar events entered in my iPhone while I was away from my desk, were not syncing via iTunes to iCal on my Mac (I have iCloud turned off for everything but Find my Phone).  I tried deleting all the .plist files as suggested by diftong.  I also found and deleted an email cashe file from the Library/Calendar file as suggested by Katie Hale.  Nothing worked until I reset SyncServices through the terminal command linked to by justmakeitwork!  I spent an entire day on this, but am so relieved it's working now.


    *note*  immediately after resetting the Sync Services, I tried syncing and got the scary message that a sync could not be initiated.  The second sync attempt worked, but nothing happened because the sync checkboxes under the Info tab had all been reset (I had checked and they WERE set before the failure).  I was able to re-check the boxes and now iCal is getting updated by the iPhone correctly. 


    *note2*  Even though I checked the box in iTunes under Info for the iPhone to not sync events older than 120 days, the sync caused 77 verification checks for dates as far away as 6 years ago.

  • Moldericks Level 1 (0 points)

    It's not an old bug. Apple has simply stopped allowing syncing of an iPhone, etc. through anything other than iCloud. iTunes will not sync the calendars, contacts and several other types of information with the same info on a laptop or other device through the USB connection, but only through iCloud. 

    See, for example,

    For me, it's the last straw.

  • WorkerBee Level 1 (20 points)

    Sorry,  I should have qualified that statement.  It's an old bug for anyone on a macOS previous to Mavericks.  I finally got all syncing to work again after updating my iPhone to iOS7 by resetting Sync Services on my mac, but that was for data going from my mac on MacOS 10.8.5 to my iPhone 5s.  Sadly, Moldericks is correct that Apple forces everyone on Mavericks to use the cloud, which really was a rude surprise for my spouse who updated without knowing that.


    I'm seriously thinking of going back to a dayplanner because all these syncing hassles are just not worth it.  I spent 1 1/2 days on this, and I certainly don't want my calendar and contacts in the cloud, so i won't be updating my macOS any time soon!

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    Removing these folders completely erased my entire calendar. It's good I didn't empty my trash. I'm still at a loss.

  • Jamming Apple Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you so much this fixed my issue!

  • Mel Magree Level 1 (20 points)

    Without any warning, suddenly my calendars wouldn't sync!  I made no software update from Lion 10.7.5 or from iOS 7.0.4.  I tried turning on iCloud because of advice on one thread or another.  Now all my events are doubled on my Mac!


    Then I read a comment in this thread about iTunes.  I had iTunes active reading and then playing CDs.  I just quit iTunes and now my calendars sync!!!!


    I hope running Calendar Cleaner will get rid of the duplicates.

  • Mel Magree Level 1 (20 points)

    No, they don't quite synch!  It is very erratic as to what goes from one device to another.  I have something on my Mac that is on my iPad but not my iPhone.  I'll have to save figuring this out to another day.

  • Mel Magree Level 1 (20 points)

    Mea culpa!  Sort of!


    I was copying CDs to my library and then assumed that my iPhone and iPad would be synched independently.  No, I have to ask iTunes to sync these devices.  Since the sync didn't happen, I assumed something was broken.  Something was!  My thinking processes.  Amazing what pops in one's head while trying to sleep.


    Now my problem is to straighten up the mess I created.  I have almost all events for years back duplicated in iCal on my Mac.  Most seem OK on my iPhone, but there are a few events missing.  Everything seems in place on my iPad, but I never tried to sync it yesterday.


    I will be investigating how to get the iPad calendar to the other devices without duplicate or missing events.  I'll probable spend a good part of my day wandering the Apple Support Communities.

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    Ok, my ipad 2 stopped sending calendar events to my MB Pro through itunes. I tried several of these delete the preferences things to no avail. However, while reading these I saw several references to icloud, which I don't use and never turned on. Well it seems the latest ipad update to 7.0.4 gave me an icloud account anyway. Which was marked inactive when checking the settings on the ipad. But if you click on the icloud account, and scroll to the bottom you will see a delete button. Delete the whole account, and voila, my events are now in my ical on my computer. A couple of them duplicated, but after deleting those and syncing again, all seems to be well.

  • petersuchecki Level 1 (5 points)

    What is going on Apple? My iMessages wont sync across devices, now I find missing dates in iCal. Events that are in my iPhone are not in iCloud on Safari, or on my desktop app. Why cant iCould sync accross all devices, this is a joke. Reading some of the soulutions, I just have to laugh. Remove this prefernce, update that iOS. Shouldnt iCloud support sync for older iOS?


    This is just getting too hard Apple ...

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    I know that many, many people find iCloud works well, but the problems mentioned by petersucheki affect a great many others (such as me) and is one of the major reasons why I won't use iCloud (the other reason is data privacy).  I tried twice and was burned twice. Never again.


    Time to take a serious look at other suppliers ...

  • cnicola78 Level 1 (0 points)

    Sweet! This worked a treat! Thanks

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