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Does or doesn't iWeb fully work in (other than mobile me component) in Mountain Lion? Why doesn't Apple support know the answer? I have three business sites on this and cannot afford to loose files/capabilities. This is a bit Microsoftish and scary.  iWeb is an awesome program- yes I use other host servers already. 


To have to spend hours redoing all my sites on another program-after having iWeb added only three years ago to my ilife package is ridiculous.  And please - I don't need the "it was meant for soccer moms" commenttary.  I have built websites using html and microsoft bases programs. As an artist- I prefer the look of iWeb built sites.  Apple.....don't start doing to us what Microsoft does rendering fairly new programs useless with upgrades to new os.

iWeb '08, OS X Mountain Lion, Version 3.0.4
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    Me again- correction - I have iWeb 09.

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    I have not upgraded, still preferring to stick with Snow Leopard, but from what I have read, others have said that iWeb does work with Mountain Lion.  You still need to make the Library visible and you might have to download an app called iWeb UserSites that allows you to open domain.sites files individually, but other than that, it should work normally.


    You won't have to re-build your sites in any other programme and if you have iWeb on your Mac, it is an app and you can still use it for as long as it continues to work with the OS's. 


    Remember though that the MobileMe component no longer exists - MobileMe ceased to exist on June 30th this year, so it has gone by over a month.  Also note that Apple no longer supports iWeb and has not done so for a few months - that came with the decision to ditch MobileMe in favour of iCloud that does not offer hosting.  iWeb does not ship with new Macs and is not sold in the Apple store.  If you want it now you have to purchase either the iLife 09 or iLife 11 boxed set from Amazon.  As iWeb is an unsupported product it will not receive any further software updates, so there will come a time when it will no longer be compatible with the latest OS - this has not happened yet with Mountain Lion, but will do in the future. 


    What you can do is keep a copy of Snow Leopard on an external drive and just switch to this when you want to use iWeb.


    Also, remember that you need to back up your domain.sites files that can be found under your User/Library/Application Support/iWeb/domain.sites.  Note it is your User Library and NOT your System Library. If you have no back up of your domain files, then you are definitely looking at re-building, but at the moment there is no need to and as far as I have seen, iWeb still works with Mountain Lion.

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    See this page under "Using iWeb with Lion OS X 10.7 and Mountain Lion OS X 10.8"...


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    iWeb in OS X Mountain Lion




    Sorry, the dictation portion of the video is a little choppy. I need a new machine.

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    Thanks for the replys!  I was finding very conflicting info out there on these threads-and no info from Apple.

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    According to an Apple employee working on the floor of our local Apple store, installing (upgrading to) Mountain Lion will remove iWeb. Does anyone know if this is correct, or have experience to the contrary?

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    The only way Mountain Lion will delete iWeb is if you do a clean install. Which would delete everything.


    IWeb works in Mountain Lion just as it did in Lion

  • Jeff Nitschke Level 4 (2,655 points)


    iWeb in OS X Mountain Lion



    Sorry, the dictation portion of the video is a little choppy. I need a new machine.

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    Some info about iWeb and Mountain Lion...


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    I've upgraded to Mountain Lion and now have the problem that iWeb crashes whenever I try to save or publish my site. This is obviously a major problem!


    Roddy - I've tried all the remedies on your link and nothing has made a difference.

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    I read a report about this happening with the prerelease version of Mountain Lion.


    After upgrading to ML some of my apps were spinning their wheels when launching and it almost looked like they wanted to crash.


    It turned out that the disk was in need of repair. I had check this before installing ML and it was OK.


    After the install, I repaired permissions which were OK but the Verify Disk red lined.


    It gave me an opprtunity to test it the Recovery Partition. Reboot holding down Command-R until you see the Apple icon. Then open Disk Utility to repair.

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    I use iWeb in ML without issue. Everything works for me as it did in Lion.


    I did an upgrade install of ML on top of Lion. Did not lose iWeb in the process, no crashes, editing works, publishing via iWeb FTP works. All is fine.

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    Apart from the slideshow!


    See this topic...


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    Hi Roddy,

      I went back and looked at my Slideshows and they seem to work with one exception that I had not noticed. The Forward - Play - Back buttons have question marks as icons. But they still seem to work.

    Screen Shot 2012-08-04 at 4.33.10 PM.png

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